Every year ECG organises a Dinner Debate in the European Parliament to enable our members, politicians and interested parties to come together and discuss views on topics of current interest or concern to our sector while dining within the European Parliament here in Brussels. Normally held during the month of March, these events are hosted on behalf of ECG by a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

In 2012 our Dinner Debate was held on 20th March, hosted by MEP Malcolm Harbour (Chairman of the Internal Market Committee). To read a summary of the proceedings, and also to find links to the agenda, ECG presentation and photographs of the event, please see the page ECG Dinner Debate 2012.

In 2013 our Dinner Debate was held on 19th March, hosted by MEP Brian Simpson (Chairman of the Transport and Tourism Committee). To download the programme, list of participants, presentations and ECG press release reporting on the event, please see the page ECG Dinner Debate 2013.

Following an interval in 2014 due to the institutional changes after the European elections, ECG organised the Dinner Debate on 24th March 2015 which was kindly hosted by MEP Wim van de Camp (EPP Co-ordinator for the Transport and Tourism Committee). More information on the event is available on the ECG Dinner Debate 2015 webpage.

ECG Dinner Debate

ECG Dinner Debate

After an interval in 2014 due to institutional changes ECG held again its Dinner Debate on 24th March. This time the event did not take place in the European Parliament due to security regulations but in the nearby Stanhope Hotel. 

This annual event, kindly hosted by MEP Wim Van de Camp, EPP Co-ordinator for the TRAN Committee featured high-level representatives of ECG member companies as speakers. ECG President Costantino Baldissara and Sandro Santamato, Head of Unit Maritime Transport & Logistics at DG MOVE gave keynote speeches.

For the press release on the event please click here.

News coverage of the event can be found here.

ECG Dinner Debate 2014

ECG Dinner Debate 2014

Due to the elections and institutional changes in the European Parliament, the ECG Dinner Debate was not held in 2014. For further information on this year’s event please see the 2015 Dinner Debate page.
ECG Dinner Debate 2013

ECG Dinner Debate 2013

Hosted by MEP Brian Simpson (Chairman of the Transport & Tourism Committee).

Topics discussed:

-  multi-modal solution investment
-  stakeholder proactivity in light of upcoming legislation
-  weights and dimensions
-  directive on sulphur in marine fuels
-  balance between road and rail projects

ECG Dinner Debate 2012

ECG Dinner Debate 2012

Held on 20 March 2012 in the European Parliament

Topics raised:
-  rules on vehicle transporter weights and dimensions
-  limiting the sulphur content of marine fuels
-  sustainable transport
-  the importance of ECG