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ECG is closely monitoring the current situation between Russia and Ukraine with respect to any updates on sanctions and the latest developments.

Below you may find all the relevant information.

Latest update: Wednesday 12 April 10:22

EU adopts fifth round of sanctions against Russia over its military aggression against Ukraine

Council of the EU, 2022-04-08

Finland suspends rail freight traffic with Russia

Rail Freight, 2022-03-28

Transport Ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland Urge the EU to Ban Russian and Belarusian Cargo Transportation by Road and Sea

Ministry of Transport and Communications, 23/03/2022

Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine: fourth EU package of sectoral and individual measures

European Council, 15/03/2022

EU lawmakers call for ban on Russian fossil fuel imports

European Commission, 11/03/2022

EU lawmakers call for ban on Russian fossil fuel imports

Euractiv, 9/03/2022

EU imposes restrictive measures on 160 individuals as a consequence of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine

European Council, 9/03/2022

Ukraine: EU agrees to extend the scope of sanctions on Russia and Belarus

European Commission, 9/03/2022

UK toughens ban on Russian aircraft

Politico, 9/03/2022

EU diplomats green-light further sanctions against Russia

Politico, 8/03/2022

The chilling effect of sanctions on Russia

Financial Times, 7/03/2022

Infographic – EU sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

European Council, 7/03/2022

Ukraine: What sanctions are being imposed on Russia?

BBC, 7/03/2022

EU’s next possible Russia targets: Ports, oligarch families, trust funds

Politico, 4/03/2022

EU imposes sanctions on state-owned outlets RT/Russia Today and Sputnik’s broadcasting in the EU

European Council, 2/03/2022

UK to block Russian aerospace companies from its insurance sector

Politico, 3/03/2022

Europe stands with Ukraine: Parliament calls for tougher sanctions against Russia

European Parliament, 1/03/2022

UK bans Russian ships from ports

Politico, 28/02/2022

EU adopts new set of measures to respond to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine

European Council, 28/02/2022

EU sanctions major Russian oligarchs

Politico, 28/02/2022

EU tightens Russian sanctions and buys weapons for Ukraine

Reuters, 27/02/2022

EU to sanction Russian Central Bank, destabilise the ruble

EURACTIV, 27/02/2022

Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine: EU imposes sanctions against President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov and adopts wide ranging individual and economic sanctions

European Council, 25/02/2022

EU to settle Russia sanctions, weigh cost of war

Reuters, 25/02/2022

EU leaders agree ‘maximum impact’ Russia sanctions

POLITICO, 25/02/2022

Flanders suspends export licences to Russia

VRT NWS, 24/02/2022

EU leaders gather to respond to Russia’s new war in Ukraine

EURACTIV, 24/02/2022

EU adopts package of sanctions in response to Russian recognition of the non-government controlled areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine and sending of troops into the region

European Council, 23/02/2022

Aluminum jumps to record high as Russian attack boosts supply risks

Automotive News Europe, 24/02/2022

EU to bar Russia from key markets with ‘harshest’ ever sanctions

POLITICO, 24/02/2022

EU agrees sanctions ‘to hurt Russia’ over Ukraine crisis

REUTERS, 22/02/2022

Avtovaz looks for chip supply alternatives as sanctions against Russia loom

REUTERS, 22/02/2022

Nord Stream 2: Twists and turns of a controversial gas pipeline

Clean Energy Wire, 22/02/2022

German chancellor suspends Nord Stream 2 over Russian aggression against Ukraine

Clean Energy Wire, 22/02/2022

Politico, 21/02/2022