ECG Conference 2021

About the event

The ECG Conference 2021 will be held in Brussels on 14-15 October 2021 when we look forward to holding our first physical event in almost 2 years.

The title is

Beyond Covid – a green new world: scenarios, strategies & funding

Practical info

14/10/2021 19:00 - 15/10/2021 16:00 CEST Brussels, BE

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ECG is pleased to announce that registrations for our first major physical event for 2 years are now open.

The annual ECG Conference, which was postponed last year due to circumstances, will take place in Brussels at the Tangla Hotel on 14-15 October.

Provided the rules permit we are expecting a record attendance!

You may register in confidence. In case of COVID related issues (eg. test positive, national travel restrictions) prevent you from attending the Conference we will fully refund you!

Our draft agenda is already available and you may find it here. You will hear from our prestigious speakers on decarbonisation and funding opportunities amongst other things.

Let’s see what’s beyond COVID in a green new world!

As usual, ECG organises a social programme after the Conference that will allow participants to network in a more relaxed atmosphere and have a taste of what Brussels has to offer. Partners are most welcome!

Register now and enjoy a constructive conference and face-to-face networking opportunities.


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Social Programme

Friday 15 October
19:00 -23:00*
Social Networking Dinner

Saturday 16 October
Walking & Tasting Tour

*Time of departure from and arrival at the Tangla Hotel



Presentations will be available after the event

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