UK will require charge points for EVs in new buildings

Automotive Industry

Source: Automotive News Europe, 2021-11-22

Charging points for electric vehicles will be required to be installed in new buildings in Britain from 2022 under new legislation to be announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his office said in a statement.

It said the regulations would lead to up to 145,000 extra charge points being installed in England each year in the run-up to 2030, when the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars will end in Britain.

The requirement will apply to new homes and to non-residential buildings such as offices and supermarkets. It will also apply to buildings undergoing large-scale renovations which leave them with more than 10 parking spaces. 

Johnson was due to announce the new legislation in a speech to the Confederation of British Industry's annual conference on 22 November.

Accelerating investment in infrastructure to facilitate a transition to EVs was one of the elements in a wide-ranging national Net Zero Strategy document published by the British government in October 2022.

About 70% of Europe's charging points are concentrated in just three countries: the Netherlands, France, and Germany, according to data from industry association ACEA.

The UK, at No. 4, has an estimated 24,000 chargers, ACEA says.

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