Pecovasa Renfe Mercancias joins ECG

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Source: Pecovasa Renfe Mercancias, 2021-10-06

Pecovasa Renfe Mercancías has recently joined the ranks of ECG members! The company, founded in 1988, works in the automobile sector, mainly in railway transportation, with vocation towards reaching agreements with road transportation and logistics companies in compounds in order to offer a global service. Our proximity to the client is standing out, as well as our proactivity facing any commitment and challenge and our projection to new activities both domestic and international. Our shareholders are Renfe Group with 84,45% and Deutsche Banh with 14,55%.

We count on a work team really efficient and effective with state-of-the-art technology which allows us to guarantee the security of our services and the continuous growing of our client portfolio. We have at disposal of the clients more than 350 double deck car carrier wagons, most of them flexible and capable to work in any factory and country around Europe.

Likewise, thanks to agreements with European railway undertakings, logistics and shipping companies, we can offer comprehensive logistics services to our clients ensuring the activity of the automotive factories, warehouses, compounds and ports, or any of its multiple combinations.

Our main targets are:

  • Showing that for automotive logistics by rail there is no limit in the itineraries, short distance paths can be done as well as longer distances even those which come though different countries.
  • Establishing regular railway corridors being able to transport both finished and used cars.

Our intention is to help to achieve the European objective of 30% rail modal share by 2030.

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