Slovenia introduced COVID Certificates for services

Land Transport

Source: Clecat, 2021-09-16

The Slovenian government issued this week an ordinance on the method of meeting the condition of recovery, vaccination and testing to curb the spread of COVID-19 infections. The new ordinance, valid from 15 September introduces the RVT rule (Recovered - Vaccinated - Tested) in a large part of public life in Slovenia.

The RVT rule will have to be met by all employees and all users of services or activities in Slovenia, including foreign drivers when using services in Slovenia, such as refuelling, visiting shops or any other activities. However, an exception to the RVT rule is granted to drivers transiting Slovenia for international transport operations when they stop at gas stations only, under condition that they leave Slovenia in 12 hours. The ordinance does not change border-crossing rules, which means that international drivers do not have to comply with the RVT rule if they transit in Slovenia without any stops or interactions.

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