GEFCO continues reinforcing the North Africa–Europe trade corridor

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Source: GEFCO, 2021-09-09

GEFCO, a global multimodal supply-chain expert and a leading provider of automotive logistics in Europe, is playing a growing strategic role in trade between Eastern Europe and the Maghreb. Through its facilities in Cusago, Milan (Italy) and the Port of Radès (Tunisia), the company is managing a growing number of shipments for companies as they expand internationally.

According to data from the Tunisian National Institute of Statistics (INS), Italy is the leading supplier to Tunisia, with a market share of around 15% in 2020. Further, Tunisia is expected to increase its flows to Italy in the coming years, to shorten supply chains in leading sectors, such as textile and fashion, mechanics, automotive and electronics. With more than 70 years' experience in complex supply-chain management in these sectors, GEFCO offers solutions perfectly suited to the specificities of this import-export market and is positioned as one of the leading players in transportation and logistics to and from the Maghreb.

In this context, GEFCO Italia provides both a gateway to its national market and a link to all European countries, thanks to its consolidation hub in Cusago (Milan) and daily connections with 130 subsidiaries. Exchanges with Tunisia are managed by a dedicated operational team, and the services offered satisfy any type of request, from a single pallet to a full truck. GEFCO Italia ensures connections between the two countries by standard air or sea transport solutions, as well as a flexible and punctual Ro-Ro service with regular weekly departures and door-to-door transit times of 3-4 days. In addition, a dedicated area for customs import/export operations speeds up procedures.

''The ongoing strengthening of the trade corridor between Europe and Tunisia represents an achievement for GEFCO Italia, which has always been attentive to the needs of companies wishing to expand their business beyond Europe, particularly in the Maghreb. The virtuous relationship we have built up over the years with Tunisia mirrors the growing trade exchanges between our two countries. In particular, GEFCO Italia has seen a steady increase of around 14% in trade with Tunisia over the last four years (excluding 2020). A further significant increase in trade flows is expected in the coming years, and GEFCO Italia's aim is to offer customers an increasingly rapid and flexible logistics solution to help them penetrate new markets,'' said Fabrice Barthe, General manager of GEFCO Italia.

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