Axess Logistics invests in solar cell plant

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Source: Axess Logistics, 2021-07-15

Axess Logistics is investing in a solar cell plant on the workshop roof in Malmö harbour during the summer of 2021. A total of 1,264 solar panels will be placed on top of one of the buildings to produce an estimated annual production of 450,000 kilowatt hours.

In addition to the whole workshop becoming self-sufficient in electricity, the idea is that the surplus energy will be used for green charging of electric cars.

"The automotive industry is undergoing an extensive transformation with, among other things, electrification, which places high demands on us as a supplier regarding sustainable solutions. We also want to act as a source of inspiration for our surroundings and partners as we invest in a charging infrastructure based on sustainable electricity production. The ambition is to create an energy self-sufficient workshop", says production manager Dimitris Emmanouilidis in Malmö.

"Axess Logistics is part of the European transport and logistics industry, which unfortunately does not reduce its CO2 footprint as much compared to the energy sector, agriculture and the rest of the economy. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we as a company do what is within reasonable limits to reduce our CO2 emissions. The investment in solar panels is part of this work," says Mats Eriksson, CEO Axess Logistics.

"The project with the solar panels is part of our climate work where we see an opportunity to become self-sufficient in electricity and reduce our operating costs. This is just the first step om the journey to introduce climate-smart solutions at our Scandinavian facilities," says Anders Madsen, COO pdi, Axess Logistics.

The project will be carried out during the summer with partner Täta Tak Energy AB and is expected to be completed in week 39. The investment is part of Axess Logistics' strategy with the goal of achieving social, ecological and economic sustainability.

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