ICL Systems wins tender for vehicle logistics business and IT support for BMW Group

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Source: ICL Systems, 2021-07-06

ICL Systems is a leading provider of finished vehicle supply logistics software. Frankfurt-based software provider ICL Systems is the winner of the tender of BMW Group.
ICL Systems takes over all activities of the business and IT support of the vehicle logistics. All services such as adjustments of vehicle routes, handling special transports, maintaining master data or ensuring that a vehicle is prioritised for transport are now handled by ICL Systems. The company maintains the data of the worldwide distribution network and has held the adjustments of the electronically data exchange of the BMW Group.

"The automotive manufacturer wants end-to-end real-time visibility across the entire vehicle logistics. Our core competence is to optimise relevant vehicle logistics and transport management processes and drive the digitalisation of the finished vehicle supply chain," says Rudolf Luttmann, Managing Director of ICL Systems Europe. "ICL has extensive industry experience in the software and logistics sector and is the perfect business partner for BMW in this area," he adds.

About ICL Systems ICL sets the benchmark in cloud-based product supply chain visibility and invoice auditing solutions. Only ICL’s Vehicle Logistics Management System (VLMS) offers seamless integration with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their logistics providers, for end to end visibility, from pre-production to dealer. Rubicon VLS, ICL’s 3PL/4PL subsidiary, provides the experienced logistics professionals and industry connections for full-service FVL network management. ICL Systems also offers a range of products for haulaway carriers, yard managers, and freight rail shippers, all designed with our core belief in the power of technology to drive efficiency in transportation and supply chain management.

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