DFDS installs smart gates for autonomous vehicles

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Source: DFDS, 2021-06-22

Gates at DFDS’ Logistics and Gothenburg Ro-Ro Terminal Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden, will allow self-driving trucks to enter and leave without stopping.

DFDS is setting up smart gates at its Logistics Centre in Gothenburg and at Gothenburg Ro-Ro Terminal. Our systems will communicate with the trucks as they approach to confirm the trailers and containers being hauled have been processed correctly. The gates then open and close automatically and the truck passes through without needing to stop.

It’s DFDS’ latest step in their commitment to innovation and transforming logistics for the future, and part of an autonomous transport project in the port and logistics segment called Pilot A.

Pilot A partners include Volvo Autonomous Solutions, port operators APM Terminals, Gothenburg Ro-Ro Terminal, the Port of Gothenburg, and property company Platzer.

Currently human-driven trucks approach Gothenburg Ro-Ro Terminal, stop at a kiosk, sign-in, and verify what they’re hauling before continuing. The same happens when they collect a unit and leave.

The smart gates – and digital communication with the autonomous trucks – will change this. There is no kiosk nor a need to stop. As the autonomous truck approaches the smart gate, data about what it’s delivering is digitally sent to our systems and then onto the gate. The sign-in and verification happens while the truck slows. It does not need to stop.

The gate is then able to open automatically, and the vehicle passes through. Photographs from different angles are also taken as the vehicle proceeds, verifying the condition of its load.

This speeds up the enter-exit process. Digital communication also supplies a real-time overview of the trucks in the vicinity of a smart gate. Seeing approaching traffic and how far away in minutes it is helps customers and DFDS track shipments.

The smart gates will be installed near the end of August. Volvo Autonomous Solutions’ data collection truck will call at the two locations and test the gates.

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