Merger on the FVL market – MOSTVA and CAT Polska join forces

Members Corner

Source: CMPL, 2021-04-27

A team of over 600 specialists, a network of branches all over Poland, 50,000 parking spots, 400 car transporters and many years of invaluable experience of international shareholders, European market leaders. FVL Mostva and CAT Polska, operating separately on the market, have joined forces. As a result, CAT Mosolf Polska was created. The merger, which has already been approved by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, will allow the new entity to expand the area of operations, and thus become even more competitive.

"It is a large link in the sector, strategically important for both companies. Together, we have over 20 years of experience and a comprehensive, very competitive offer" said Wojciech Dutkiewicz, President of the Management Board of Mostva, after registering the name change - CAT Mosolf Polska, in short, CMPL.

The date of the merger of the entities is 1 May 2021. Companies that have built their strong positions over the years are joining, and now, thanks to synergy and scale of operations, they will have an even more competitive offer. The customers of both companies appreciated by the market are leading car manufacturers, dealers, CFM companies and public service companies.

After the merger, the company will be able to provide a much wider range of services for its clients. At CMPL, finished vehicle logistics includes international road and rail transport, storage space management, port services, customs clearance, insurance claim management and inspections, which are carried out from the moment the vehicle leaves the factory until it arrives at the dealer.

In addition, the company carries out fleet preparation, special bodies and post-production modifications that take place before the final handover of the vehicle to the final recipient. A separate business is used car volume management - transportation, mechanical repairs, inspections and aesthetic preparation.

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