ECG Guidelines – Safe loading process now also available in BULGARIAN 

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Source: ECG , 2021-04-06

After the publication of the ECG Guidelines – Safe loading process in several languages, we are glad to announce also the publication of the Bulgarian version. ECG thanks its member SPED S the kind support with the realisation of this translation.  

The ECG Guidelines – Safe loading process was developed by the Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG) and published in 2019. By means of pictures and short descriptions, the Guidelines illustrate step-by-step how loading and unloading operations of vehicles on trucks should be carried out by drivers in a safe way. 

The most common H&S risks i.e. ‘falls from height’, ‘roll offs’ and ‘slips, trips and falls’ can be avoided if drivers follow the steps illustrated in these Guidelines.  

ECG encourages all its members to improve drivers’ safety by starting to use the Guidelines in their driver training.  

The Guidelines are now available for download on our website in:  

  • English 

  • Bulgarian 

  • Czech 

  • French 

  • Dutch 

  • French 

  • German 

  • Italian 

  • Lithuanian 

  • Polish 

  • Russian 

  • Spanish 

  • Ukrainian 

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