AIAG: Finished Vehicle Logistics volunteer spotlight

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Source: ICL Systems, 2021-03-09

Finished vehicle supply chain software and logistics solution provider ICL Systems has brought to Europe 30 years of expertise in North American automotive market, with kicking-off ICL Services Germany. The European subsidiary, which started the operations in third quarter last year, is providing a comprehensive range of vehicle logistics management services to global carmakers. These include end to end visibility in transit, automated freight invoice auditing and derived from this data, predictive business analytics, all part of ICL’s flagship Vehicle Logistics Management System (VLMS), with full integration and visibility across all parts of the vehicle pre-delivery and distribution process. Tom Swennes, Vice President Customer Experience & Administration of ICL is a supply chain executive with almost 30 years spent in finished vehicle logistics.

With a longstanding tie to the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) – the partner organisation of ECG in North America – Swennes has served as a volunteer since 2008. He has been a leader in AIAG’s Visibility of Finished Vehicles Initiative (VOFV) — helping to develop event reporting standards across the finished vehicle supply chain — and is currently a member of AIAG’s Finished Vehicles Advisory Group. With both technical and business expertise, as well as extensive operational experience at OEM level, Swennes offers a unique perspective on challenges the automotive logistics professionals are facing with. The interview follows how Swennes found his way to the finished vehicle logistics industry, and how detailed operational experience he gained during the years. Then turns to his relationship with AIAG and his involvement to the activities of the organisation. Answering the questions, he is also touching the biggest changes and challenges of our industry in recent years as well as how the current trends and new technologies affect automotive and finished vehicle logistics. Last but not least he shares his view on supply chain predictions for 2021 and beyond. The complete spotlight available under this link

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