Tropos Motors Europe joins Supply Chain Network BVL

Members Corner

Source: MOSOLF, 2021-03-10

Promoting climate-friendly logistics within the network: Tropos Motors Europe has now become an active member of the German Logistics Association “Bundesvereinigung Logistik” (BVL). The subsidiary of the MOSOLF Group provides an eco-friendly solution for city logistics, delivery services and factory traffic with its electric compact utility vehicles.
“Our BVL membership enables us to actively work on the future of climate-friendly supply chains together with companies and experts involved in all the logistics disciplines. With our Tropos ABLE e-transporters, we’re providing the market with completely new opportunities for handling last-mile deliveries between heavy cargo bikes and conventional vans,” says Tropos Motors Managing Director, Markus Schrick. “Thanks to our concept combining compact dimensions, a high payload capacity, a large operating range and manoeuvrability, completely new possible applications have opened up. Practical experience has demonstrated, for example, that the Tropos electric transport vehicles require significantly less space and it is possible to load and unload them much more quickly and efficiently. Then there’s the connectivity of the Tropos vehicles – it’s possible to network them to fleet management systems via an interface. The BVL network is ideally suited to help us quickly accommodate market trends and needs in the ongoing development of our vehicles – for example, for the last mile or for internal and factory logistics.”

“Logistics has always been a powerhouse for innovations, with its eye fixed on forward-looking smart solutions. Thanks to the breakthrough in electric mobility and the urgent need for climate change, urban logistics and factory logistics are a special area for us to focus on. I’m therefore delighted to be able to welcome Tropos Motors as a new, innovative BVL member and part of the competence and innovation network for logistics,” says Prof. Thomas Wimmer, Chairperson of the BVL Board.
The Tropos ABLE models have a range of up to 260 km and operate without creating any emissions at all. As they are 1.40 metres wide, 3.70 metres long and have a small turning radius of 3.96 metres, the electric vehicles can be used both on the open road or in enclosed areas. They can particularly make use of all their advantages for last-mile services and close the gap between cargo bikes and vans. Thanks to having the largest payload area in their class, with cargo space measuring up to 4.5 m3, the Tropos ABLE vehicles provide sufficient transport capacity for climate-friendly city logistics. They also resolve the problem of parking.

Even if they have to stop next to a parked vehicle, the narrow electric vehicles create a far less serious obstacle to the flow of traffic – or none at all. Their compelling features open up a wide variety of possible applications for an enormous target group: towns and local communities, industry and internal logistics, gardening and landscape firms, delivery and package services, technical trades and facility management, hospitality and tourism, the food retail sector, zoos, leisure parks and sports venues. They can meet the requirements of a wide variety of segments and also play their part in reducing the CO2 footprint in the long term.

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