Vitlaima is the newest member of ECG

Members Corner

Source: Vitlaima UAB, 2021-02-26

Vitlaima UAB has joined ECG! The company has been providing transport services by car carriers for more than 25 years. We provide car transport and logistics services to manufacturers and their representatives. We have a strong team of professionals who strive to ensure the quality of services. We change together with the modernizing world of logistics, we are interested in innovations and implement them in our company.

It is the second year that Vitlaima has a new young and promising manager, who has many ideas for the future of our company. We have a vision to expand, so we are looking for new opportunities for the company to improve. The membership in ECG is a really big leap for our development as this association works on the important issues that are relevant for logistics companies. As a member in ECG we can find many answers to our questions and we will be happy to share our experience or help solve problems for carriers together with other logistics companies.

More information on Vitlaima can be found on its website

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