OMSAN Logistics blazed a trail in the world by transporting vehicles under the sea through Marmaray

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Source: OMSAN Logistics, 2021-02-04

OMSAN Logistics, the first private railway operator in Turkey with a train operator authorization, executed the transportation of vehicles from Europe to Asia through Marmaray for the first time in logistics sector. 

OMSAN Logistics became the first company in the world that performed under sea transportation of vehicles at that depth by going through Marmaray, which is the world’s deepest immersed tube tunnel for railroad systems with a depth of 60 metres.

OMSAN carried out more than 200 cars from Romania to Izmit Kosekoy with a 550 metre long vehicle transport train.

As the first private railway operator in Turkey with a train operator authorization, OMSAN Logistics yet again achieved a new initiative. OMSAN completed the first intercontinental vehicle transport in the world through Marmaray that connects Europe and Asia and delivered more than 200 Dacia Duster loaded on the 550 metre long vehicle transport train from Romania passing through Bulgaria directly reached  to Izmit Kosekoy.

OMSAN Logistics, one of the companies of OYAK, left an indelible mark in the history as the first company that performed vehicle transportation for the first time through Marmaray, which is the deepest immersed tube tunnel of the world for railroad systems at a depth of 60 metres. OMSAN Logistics, started to transport vehicles safely to final destinations without transhipment with Marmaray, will speed up international rail transportation.

Cömert Varlık, General Manager of OMSAN Logistics, stated that they started intercontinental transport services without the need to transhipment after Marmaray has started to operate in freight transportation and added that 'Marmaray provides very important opportunities due to its location in the international railroad corridor for Turkish logistics sector. Railroad transportation, gaining increased importance in the uninterrupted transport operations which also ensures reliability especially during pandemic, will be one of the most opted alternative methods in the future upon introduction of technological innovations made in the recent period in our country. Once it is put into service at full capacity for the transport operations, Marmaray will have significant contribution to our national economy, import and export operations in Turkey due to its strategic importance for both our country and market.'

Besides its digital and environment-friendly business models and integrated services, OMSAN Logistics aims to increase the weight of the green and competitive railroad transportation in its portfolio, which has limited number of service providers in Turkey.

Acting as the biggest solution partner to its customers, thanks to its nearly 45 years of experience, reliable, pioneering and diversified services concept offered to the sector, OMSAN Logistics provides digital, environment-friendly, sustainable and customer-oriented logistics services to many companies in different industries including but not limited to; automotive, iron-steel, concrete, hazardous materials, chemicals, agriculture, textiles, retail, food and beverage, telecommunication and consumer goods.


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