INFORM Expands Its Management - Heightens Its Focus on Sustainability, Innovation, and Internationalization

Members Corner

Source: INFORM, 2021-01-11

INFORM, an internationally active optimization specialist and software developer, announces four new Co-CEOs to join Adrian Weiler, the company’s CEO since 1986, who continues in his leadership role. Dr. Andreas Meyer, Matthias Berlit, Peter Frerichs and Dr. Jörg Herbers have assumed their new roles effective 1 January 2021 as the company advances its plan for sustainable growth.

In an infrastructure move intended to capitalize on the company’s continuous growth and consistently positive annual results over the past 35 years, INFORM GmbH, one of the world’s leading providers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven optimization software for digital decision making and agile operations, has expanded its management team. INFORM, an internationally active corporation headquartered in Aachen, Germany with a North American regional office in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and an Australian office in Sydney, Australia, is creating the foundation to continually build on its strong legacy, while positioning the company for its ongoing future success and sustainability. The four new Co-CEOs, Dr. Andreas Meyer, Matthias Berlit, Peter Frerichs and Dr. Jörg Herbers, have a combined experience spanning over 75 years in leading positions at INFORM, which was founded in 1969. In addition to ensuring continuity in its customer and employee relations, the extended management team will pave the way for INFORM’s accelerated development in the areas of innovation, internationalization, and human resources management.

Sustainability and internationalization
"Sustainability in terms of organic growth, as well as trusting relationships with customers and employees, has always been regarded as an important value of INFORM," says Dr. Andreas Meyer, who will be responsible for the area of internationalization, among other things. "In the meantime, however, sustainability also plays an important role in an ecological sense. Optimization technology can contribute to this, for example, through a more efficient utilization of operational resources". Other focus topics for the coming years are the further expansion of international activities, for example, in North America, Australia and Asia, and the further development of agile work and management models at INFORM.

"I am delighted to have added longstanding colleagues to the management team," summarizes Adrian Weiler. "At INFORM, I have long advocated for a corporate culture of entrepreneurism and each of our new Co-CEOs embodies that spirit of innovation and forward-thinking. For our employees, this is a very exciting period, and for our customers, it is evidence of our commitment to bringing new strategies and a heightened focus to areas that will further strengthen our ability to serve them as resourceful and trusted business partners.”

Technology for intelligent optimization
As one of the leading software companies for optimization and Artificial Intelligence, INFORM develops industry-spanning software for optimizing business processes and digital decision making. Over 800 employees from more than 30 nations support more than 1,000 companies worldwide in better planning and operational decision-making. Customers include corporations and medium-sized companies in industry, trade, aviation, logistics, ports, banks, and insurance companies.

INFORM's technology integrates mathematical optimization algorithms from Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence, including Fuzzy Logic and Machine Learning. Specific mathematical algorithms optimize operational processes in the areas of supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, workforce management, fraud prevention and risk management. Due to the constantly growing availability of data in companies and the continuous improvement of computing power and algorithms, many more applications for optimization technology and artificial intelligence can be expected across industries in the future.

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