Cuxport handles thousands of new cars for the Chinese market

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Source: Rhenus, 2020-11-17

The premium vehicles left their production sites in southern Germany and were transported directly by rail to the automobile handling terminal in Cuxhaven. The vehicles were delivered in close cooperation with the manufacturer, the rail service companies involved and the shipping company in Cuxhaven. Cuxport then prepared the different vehicle models for shipment to three Chinese ports and handled the necessary customs clearance.

“We've been a close partner for handling vehicles for automobile manufacturers, particularly in the premium sector, for many years and have already reliably transhipped several million new cars at the Cuxport Terminal,” says Oliver Fuhljahn, Head of Business Development Automobile Logistics at Cuxport.

Cuxport particularly benefits from its location on the river Elbe, but also its rail links via Hamburg-Maschen and Bremen, which have been improved during the last few years, as well as having three available Ro-Ro berths.

The Ro-Ro services provided by the port terminal operator for its deep-sea business are still in demand during the corona pandemic. “The economy in China has recovered and the demand for high-quality German vehicles is high. We’re therefore very confident that more scheduled departures and routes will be handled via Cuxport for deep-sea Ro-Ro traffic,” says Oliver Fuhljahn.

The two deep-sea Ro-Ro vessels, “Tiger” and “Torino”, were looked after by the RRS Ro-Ro Stevedores agency in Bremerhaven. The ships are heading for the ports of Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou, from where the vehicles will then be distributed within China.

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