HAROPA voted "Best Green Seaport"

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Source: Haropa ports, 2020-11-17

Asia Cargo News magazine, Asia's leading professional press publication, has just revealed the names of the 47 winners of its 2020 Awards. The awards ceremony took place in Hong Kong on Monday 9 November, in the “remote” presence of Laurent Foloppe, HAROPA's Commercial and Marketing Director.
The premier French port complex received the "Best Green Seaport" prize, awarded to HAROPA by the magazine's 15,000 readers. HAROPA was competing against the ports of Hamburg, Long Beach and Singapore. This event highlights transport and logistics players who demonstrate excellence in quality of service, innovation, customer satisfaction and reliability.
This is the 4th "Best Green Seaport" trophy awarded to ports of the Seine axis. This new prize underlines recognition of HAROPA’s commitment to the environment. With this award, Asian importers/exporters, logisticians, freight forwarders and shipping companies acknowledge the quality of environmental initiatives driven by HAROPA, whose environmental commitment is based around the development of mass modes and the encouragement of effective initiatives in the fight against global warming.
HAROPA's environmental approach translates into:
➢ Commitments to reduce the carbon footprint related to its activities and protect the port ecosystem
➢ Helping its customers decarbonise
➢ Research, work and environmental certification procedures

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