Very successful webinar “Making the industry safer”  

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Source: ECG, 2020-10-29

On 28 October ECG held a webinar entitled “Making the industry safer” attended by almost 100 participants. 

The webinar was organised to present the report “Making the industry safer - Reducing accidents in FVL, 2019 incidents & analysis” produced by the Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG). It analyses incidents in truck transportation (loading and unloading operations specifically) uploaded through ECG’s incident reporting website.  

The purpose of the website is to gather as much information as possible about severe accidents and near misses happening in the industry. By sharing information we can learn together and improve drivers’ safety. Importantly, the reporting is completely anonymised.  

Steve Thomas (Toyota Motor Europe) and Jan van Assen (Koopman Group), co-chairs of the H&S WG, welcomed all the attendees and explained that the report is an great start which highlights the main 2019 incident statistics in the industry and gives key recommendations on how best to reduce them.  

Beatriz Soriano (Groupe Renault), leader of the sub-group of the H&S WG working on incident reporting, presented their activities which resulted in the launch of the incident reporting website. 

Mike Sturgeon (ECG) presented the main findings of the report. In 2019, 50% of the accidents were ‘slips, trips, falls and other personal injuries’, 15% were ‘roll-offs’ and 13% were ‘fall from height’ incidents. The remaining incidents are due to other reasons which are explained in the report. Accidents are due to various reasons ranging from drivers’ behaviour, environment, and maintenance of trailers i.e. safety poles.  

About 55% of the incidents resulted in a ‘less than serious’ injury, 14% in a ‘recoverable but serious’ injury and 31% in a ‘near-miss’. A more in-depth analysis of the accidents is provided in the report which is available on ECG’s website. Mike Sturgeon also underlined that many of the incidents could be avoided by training drivers according to the ECG Guidelines – Safe loading process which will also be available in 12 languages by the end of 2020.  

Steve Thomas concluded the meeting by encouraging the participants to contribute to this activity which is crucial to improve safety in the industry. He invited everyone to share their incidents on ECG’s website and learn together as an industry.  

More information about the incident reporting activity here

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