20 years Network4Cars Trading B.V.!

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Source: NETWORK4CARS, 2020-10-23

This month Network4Cars Trading B.V. celebrates its 20th anniversary. In 2000, we started with selling right-hand drive vehicles to the United Kingdom. A couple years later, we started selling to Germany and soon after to other European countries.

How much has changed over the years. We ended the broker role and started owning and delivering all cars from its own compounds. Our headquarters have moved to Nieuw-Vennep and we have offices around Europe.

Last March, we faced a completely different challenge, one we never had experienced before: the Corona virus. It was (and still is) an eventful year, full of challenges. Not only for us, but for you too!

Compared with last year, we find new cars sales stays behind significantly in Europe. However, the used car market recovers fast. The last 4 months, used car sales has exceeded 2019 in most West-European countries.

Factories and supplies had to stop their production for months. This may results in stock cars and newly used cars shortage. There is a great alternative: new stock cars with a first European registration. Moreover, Network4Cars Trading B.V. added newly used cars to our stock. This way you can keep comply to your clients’ needs.

Due to the factory’s low production capacity, we expect longer delivery times and an increase in prices for new cars. Network4Cars Trading B.V. is looking for proper stock continuously, so you don’t have to disappoint your customers.

We are proud to be your trusted partner in the car wholesale for 20 years!

Check our current stock of new and used cars here. Do you have a questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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