Read the RHA’s updated Brexit Operator Checklist

Land Transport

Source: RHA, 2020-10-23

The RHA has updated its GB <> EU Border – Operator Checklist document, which you can view here.

The UK will come out of transition at 23:00 31 December 2020 (GMT).

Importers, Exporters and transport businesses must prepare in advance. Failure to do so will result in lorries being prevented from crossing the border. All lorries must have complete documentation for all shipments before lorries will be permitted to board ferries or trains.

This will be the case with or without a “deal”, customs controls will apply between GB and the EU from 1 January 2021.

Anyone importing or exporting goods between Great Britain & the EU needs to understand who is responsible for deciding how goods will be moved, who will move the goods and who will submit paperwork on behalf of importers and exporters.

This checklist is designed to point towards the basic decisions that need to be taken before 1.1.21. The detailed processes for handling shipments under Pre-Declaration, Transit, ATA Carnet or TIR will be dealt in future checklists. New text in this version is highlighted in red.

You can read the full, updated document here.

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