Driving cleaner transport with the Eurovignette

News from Brussels

Source: IRU, 2020-10-30

With the revision of the Eurovignette Directive on road user charges the subject of intense debate in the European Council, IRU has written an open letter to senior EU officials urging them to consider a well-to-wheel approach in the new text. 

Commercial road transport operators have an important role to play in combatting climate change and achieving the goals set out in the European Green Deal. In order to enable the sector to play this role, IRU is asking for: 

  • An approach that considers well-to-wheel emissions, not just tailpipe. 

  • No additional taxes, charges or duties for transport operators. 

  • No congestion charges for commercial road freight and passenger transport. 

  • Incentives for the introduction of greener technologies in commercial road transport. 


Open letter on Eurovignette

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