Maritime & Ports Working Group: Webinar 28 September

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Source: ECG, 2020-09-30

Maritime & Ports Working Group (M&P WG) held another well attended and constructive virtual meeting on Monday 28 September. Once again circumstances didn’t allow a physical meeting to take place however the webinar was very successful.  An interesting agenda was discussed and the engagement of the participants proved fruitful.

The meeting opened with a discussion on ongoing challenges that M&P WG members face at the port of Piraeus. The Chairman of the working group, Jordi Casals, took the opportunity to ask feedback from all members regarding challenges in other ports and how ECG can assist.

The latest developments on the subgroup Handling AFVs in Maritime transport were discussed as well. ECG’s recent participation in a meeting with the European Commission (24 September) has proven successful and the need for guidelines on handling AFVs in Maritime transport was recognized.  ECG will participate in the European Commission’s working group to develop appropriate guidelines.

On the topic of emissions reporting the upcoming meeting with the Clean Cargo’s new representative will determine the next steps.

The next M&P WG meeting will be once again a webinar in November. Although the meetings run always on a full and interesting agenda, the working group’s Chairman, Jordi Casals highlighted that guest speakers are more than welcome.

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