ECG Eastern Regional meeting held on 18 September

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Source: ECG, 2020-09-18

For the first time ever the Eastern Region Meeting was held online on 18 September. The meeting is generally attended by ECG Members and Partners who meet twice a year in a city in Eastern Europe. Due to the current COVID crisis this was unfortunately not possible this year and therefore the meeting was held in a webinar format.  

The meeting was a 2-hour webinar attended by around 30 participants who discussed current issues and relevant developments in the market. The chairman of the meeting, Krzysztof Dakowicz, welcomed everyone and gave an update of the market situation in Europe and in Eastern Europe countries. Participants then gave a short update on developments in their own countries. ECG updated the attendees on the latest legislative developments which form the Mobility Package I passed by the European Parliament in July 2020. 

In addition, ECG briefed the attendees on some other issues such as the Green Deal and loaded length of car transporters and presented its activities related to the many different Working Groups, ECG’s upcoming events and the various education opportunities offered by ECG. 

The meeting is normally followed by an enjoyable social programme which unfortunately was not possible on this occasion. The next meeting will be organised physically, if possible, in Bytom (PL) in April 2021.  

For more information about future meetings please contact Andreea Serbu.  

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