ALICE and ELUPEG start a Blockchain Interest Group

Members Corner

Source: Vinturas, 2020-09-17

ALICE, the European Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe and ELUPEG, a European organisation for leading players in the Supply Chain Industry have launched an interest group for Blockchain Applications in Logistics.

The interest group will bring together members of these organisations that are implementing or considering to implement blockchain applications. The objective of the group is to share experiences and learnings and find opportunities for collaboration to drive innovation in the field of logistics.

Blockchain applications will create break-through improvements in supply chain processes. Several promising applications, like Vinturas in the Finished Vehicle Logistics Industry, are now operational and delivering value to customers.

The interest group will welcome all organisations that are working with blockchain technology or that are considering the use of blockchain technology for their business.

Organisations that are not a member of ALICE or ELUPEG can also be invited to join when they add value to the group.

Jon Kuiper, CEO of Vinturas, will lead the interest group.

ECG is a member of ALICE. ECG members that would like to contribute to the interest group can register.

To register please send an e-mail to:

Fernando Liesa. Secretary General, ALICE. e-mail:

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