Quality webinar with record attendance

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Source: ECG, 2020-09-10

A highly successful webinar of the Quality Working Group (QWG) was held on 9 September. The meeting enjoyed a record attendance with around 60 participants from LSPs, OEMs, trailer manufacturers and inspection companies joining the call. Discussions focused on a variety of topics including the latest developments related to Full Body Covers, handling of matt coated vehicles in the supply chain and several matters specific to the handling of Electric Vehicles. A new sub group has been created to address this latter issue.

The revision of the ECG Inspection Guidelines has also been proposed so soon a dedicated call will be organized to cover this with the interested members. The latest developments on Electric Vehicles and the update of the Inspection Guidelines will be reported on at the next QWG webinar which ECG will organize in early December. The date will be set and communicated soon. For any further details on the QWG please contact Szilvi Kiss.

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