Green Laurels for Barcelona

Members Corner

Source: International Transport Journal, 2020-08-28

The Port of Barcelona was awarded the lean & green initiative, promoted by the Spanish association of manufacturers and distributors (Aecoc), for reducing its carbon footprint by 20% in a period of five years through "a set of concrete actions".

The port joined the programme in July last year, with the aim of minimising the impact of logistics processes on the emission of greenhouse gases. The consultancy Ernst & Young is responsible for certifying that the Port of Barcelona achieved the goal of reducing CO2 emissions set in the established period.

2016 was the base year chosen to start measuring the reduction of CO2 emissions. The actions taken included the renewal of the port's fleet of vehicles with 100% electric cars and motorcycles. Furthermore, the port modernised public lighting with LED technology and saved emissions by acquiring all energy from certified renewable sources, which means a reduction of almost 5,000t of CO2. (mw)


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