RPM 7x Inc. 5000 Honoree

Members Corner

Source: RPM, 2020-08-12

To receive this honor 7 times consecutively is an incredible accomplishment for RPM. This award is a reflection of our people and our commitment to each other. To remain open and working through the pandemic has been a challenge yet has also shown our strength and resiliency. This award not only showcases our company's growth, year-after-year, but more importantly, it signifies our success, experience, loyalty, and dedication. This Inc. 5000 award is a true show of character and defines our success as a whole. 

RPM is one of the fastest-growing logistics companies in the world, specializing in freight and finished vehicle transportation. Our core competency is addressing our customer’s shipping needs by matching available trucking capacity and meticulously facilitating every transport tender with the very best tech-enabled logistics execution. We deliver thousands of units per month and are growing rapidly by providing our business partners with a centralized, digitized, and transparent solution to optimize service and cost for virtually all spot and contractual vehicle transportation needs. In a rapidly changing industry, our mission is to take the complexity out of transportation logistics by creating the best experience for our customers and carriers, while inspiring our employees. 

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