NO-VID new anti-viral environmentally friendly face masks available for logistics

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Source: Frits Mehrtens Consultancy , 2020-07-22

Personal protection against COVID-19 is a priority for the finished vehicle logistics and automotive industry. All kind of types of masks are on the market and it is often not clear what the protection level is, if any. For sure many do not protect and have no more than “cosmetic” safety value. Most of the masks used by private individuals and by the employees of our industry while at work are disposable and should already be thrown away after 3  to 4 hours of use.

While focus is, for good reason, first on protection against the spread of COVID-19  it is easy to see that besides the pandemic we are faced with a huge problem with regard to disposing of masks. Just remember the picture of the seahorse falling in love with a cotton swab and it is easy to imagine what environmental disaster the billions of discarded masks may cause in the near future.

Therefore it is our pleasure to introduce the NO-VID mask to our industry. NO-VID is made of specially developed anti-viral woven fabric. The anti-viral feature of the fabric has been tested by accredited laboratories. In addition, the NO-VID mask has anti-bacterial features due to the fabric which is woven with 3% real pure silver. Pure silver strands are part of the weave and can be seen by the naked eye. This anti-bacterial feature is enabled to the fabric ensuring 99.99 % protection against bacteria.

Despite all these features, NO-VID masks are environmentally friendly. Since they can be washed and reused they do not create waste and environmental problems caused by disposable products. NO-VID can survive 50 washing cycles tested and approved by ecological specialized laboratories.

Naturally, all these anti-viral, anti-bacterial and washing features are officially certified.

NO-VID is available in reasonable minimum quantities of 1,500 pieces per order and is produced in Turkey. Also, logo printing is possible in order to personalise them.

Frits Mehrtens Consultancy bv would be pleased to further advise you on NO-VID face masks.

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