MoveeCar by GEFCO, the after Covid-19 perfect offer for vehicle disinfection and home delivery

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Source: GEFCO, 2020-05-20

Restoring your customer confidence is key after Covid-19.  Keeping contact to a minimum and offering customers relevant services that guarantee perfect integrity of their vehicles is paramount.

Our digital solutions coupled with disinfection and home delivery services offer you this possibility.

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Disinfection and sanitisation of vehicles

MOVEECAR offer a certified disinfection and sanitisation system for all your vehicles, regardless of their use with an Ozone system that eliminates germs and viruses. We can also offer sanitisation of the vehicle with certified cleaning products. 

Doorstep delivery

MOVEECAR can safely organise the delivery of your new or used vehicles to your end customer, on site or at home, guaranteeing its integrity and contactless hand over when required.
This service includes fullPDI and installation of license plates. We can take back the used vehicle, store it on MOVEECAR compounds, carry out the appraisal of the vehicle and also offer you a used vehicle preparation service.

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