Interactive map: Production impact of COVID-19 on the European auto industry

News from Brussels

Source: ACEA, 2020-05-18

This interactive map shows the impact of the coronavirus / COVID-19 crisis on the production of motor vehicles for each of the 27 EU member states plus the UK.

Production impact, by country

Status on: 18/05/2020

  • EU-wide production losses due to factory shutdowns amount to at least 2,424,955 motor vehicles so far.
    • This figure includes passenger cars, trucks, vans, buses and coaches.
  • The average shutdown duration is 30 working days at the moment.
  • Production losses are obviously set to increase if shutdowns are extended or additional plants are brought to a halt.
  • These are estimates based on data currently available.

See the production impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the European auto industry here

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