GEFCARES - Why charitable giving should increase during COVID-19?

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Source: GEFCO, 2020-04-20

Adapting to new ways of working, schooling and consumption will take time, but we’ll get through it. The periods during and after COVID-19 will change the way we do business, highlighting the central role our employees play in overcoming challenges. Our optimism will bring confidence in our future, and when this crisis is over, our collective reset will provide clarity and benefits for business and society. 

We believe companies should sustain and even step up their charitable giving while their businesses are disrupted. GEFCARES, GEFCO’s endowment fund, is asking all our partners and employees to continue their generosity. Pierre-Jean Lorrain, Chairman of GEFCARES and Executive Vice President of GEFCO EMEA comments: “Our charitable giving initiatives are as important as servicing our customers and helping our employees get through these uncertain times. As our business adjusts to a new reality, our robust culture and values continue to unite us. GEFCO’s focus is unwavering: being a strong supply chain partner to industry, building a knowledgeable pool of people and exploring ways to help people in need. This is GEFCO’s Infinite Proximity with all its stakeholders.” 

GEFCARES will support three important charities in 2020: Women’s Palace, part of the Salvation Army; Restaurants from the Heart, a French charity dedicated to providing food and social support; and the Togolese Children’s Charity, an association that helps build a better future for children. Launched in 2019, GEFCARES is building on its partnerships: “This year, we’ve listened to our charitable partners’ needs and will provide financial support and employer-supported volunteering,” confirms Pierre-Jean Lorrain. 

For the Women’s Palace, we are helping to refurbish communal living spaces for mothers and children. For Restaurants from the Heart, GEFCARES will provide a refrigerated truck to help distribute perishable goods, and we are also helping the Togolese Children’s Charity to build a vocational school. “Our charitable giving initiatives remains central to GEFCO,” concludes Pierre-Jean. “Charities should not lose out because of the COVID-19 crisis. Now more than ever, it’s time to help those in need.”

Visit the GEFCARES page to learn more about the endowment fund

GEFCO will match partner and employee donations up to €125,000.

Donations to GEFCARES can be made online:

Make an online donation for "Restaurants from the Heart"

Make an online donation for "The Women's Palace"

Make an online donation for "The Togolese Children's Charity"

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