Building Trust Takes Real-Time Effort

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Source: RPM Vehicle Systems, 2020-02-20

Over the past decade, real-time visibility has grown from a want to a need to an expectation across all vertical markets within vehicle logistics. Whether it’s OEM, POV, rental, or fleet, each market has roughly the same challenges: on-time pick up & delivery, carrier capacity, cost, and reliable data. Real time visibility offers an up-to-the-minute holistic view of the supply-chain spectrum. Working with a tech-enabled managed transportation service (MTS) provider, customers will have the tools and technologies they need to solve for these problems. However, technology is a tool, not a solution. It’s essential not to lose “sight” of the human element; to have an expert who understands how to apply strategy, communication, and these tools and technologies to achieve success.

In an article published by Automotive Logistics, Llamasoft CEO, Razat Gaurav, shares the benefits of real-time data improving the efficiency of supply chains. “Network design and policy decisions are based on data, and if you have access to real-time data, then you can more continuously evaluate your strategy, your structure and your policies. The key will be how you make decisions leveraging that data. Are you going to be able to make more intelligent decisions armed with that data?"1

Here are three core benefits customers receive when working with a tech-enabled provider that offers real-time visibility:

Integration between provider’s transportation management service software (TMS) and the customer’s TMS to ensure seamless communication and delivery of reliable real-time shipment tracking between thousands of Carriers in the MTS’ network.

Automation to increase the supply chain efficiency and accuracy of pickup and delivery reporting. Automation solutions ultimately reduces the risk of human error.

Centralization to increase control, improve transparency, and streamline processes to ultimately reduce cost and risk. Centralization also provides optimization and visibility at all points of interest.

Anthony Kunz, Director of Innovation & Experience at RPM elaborates on these benefits, “When you can see where you are, you know where you are going. When you know where you are going, you know what to do next. Having consolidated visibility for many of our customers over the past 5 years, we have been able to make logistics teams more efficient, smarter, and flexible to the fluctuation of market trends. Providing centralized data, connectivity, digitization and integration, our customers are more profitable and able to work ahead of the curve.”

As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.” In a world where promises are made and few are kept, real-time visibility keeps the provider and the customer on the same page, while offering better efficiencies, tracking, more precise ETAs, and ultimately, more trust.

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