Tesla searches for bats and resettles ants in preparation for German gigafactory

Automotive Industry

Source: Clean Energy Wire, 2020-02-13

Tesla has searched for bats in the wooded area where it plans to build its German car factory and also plans to resettle ants living there, reports manager magazine. In addition, the US carmaker intends to set up 400 birdhouses and relocate lizards, according to a list of environmental protection measures it has published. To make up for the planned deforestation, the company plans to plant three times as many trees elsewhere. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk surprised industry observers last November when he announced plans to build the company's new "gigafactory" for e-car and battery production near Berlin. Environmentalists called for a thorough assessment instead of a quick deforestation. Following repeated protests at the planned factory location in Grünheide near the German capital, Musk weighed in via Twitter to allay concerns over excessive water use by the factory. He stated that the plant will "absolutely be designed with sustainability and the environment in mind."

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