ECG Academy Advisory Group 2020 

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Source: ECG, 2020-02-14

At the 7th annual ECG Academy Alumni meeting (6/7 February 2020) in Barcelona the bi-annual ECG Academy Advisory Group elections took place.

The ECG Academy Advisory Group (EAAG) was established in October 2010 as a means of harnessing the enthusiasm and growing experience of the exclusive club of ECG Academy graduates for the benefit of the sector in general. The EAAG actively supports ECG and its executive Board in ad-hoc projects and facilitates networking amongst more than 250 ECG Academy Alumni. Each year the EAAG organizes the Alumni meeting in Barcelona where speakers from the industry and academia are invited to give presentations relevant to the sector. Since 2019 two members of the EAAG have also attended ECG board meetings at the invitation of the board.

The Chair of the EAAG, Jan Vollmer (Groupe CAT), who was instrumental in founding this group, and subsequently chaired it for 5 years stepped down and has left the group. ECG thanks him for his contribution to the EAAG.

As result of the elections, 5 members of the EAAG will continue as members Aleks Časar (Milsped Group), Tanja Mattheis (BLG Automobile Logistics), Attila Novák (Lagermax), Filippo Rizzi Ariani (Grimaldi Group) and Tobias Spannbauer (Mosolf Group) and two new members, Andreea Popa (Renault) and Ceren Eker Güven (ANT Lojistik) joined the group. The new Chair of the newly elected EAAG will be nominated shortly. For more information about the EAAG, visit our website.

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