Groupe CAT inaugurates its new headquarters in Suresnes, France

Members Corner

Source: Automotive purchasing and supply chain, 2020-01-13

Following its single-brand strategy, Groupe CAT inaugurated its new headquarters on the banks of the Seine river in Suresnes, close to Paris. The group thus brings together in a single place all employees currently spread between Boulogne and Levallois.

This new location has become essential to support the development of the group specialised in automotive logistics and leader in its industry.

By now the 5,600 m2 of the new headquarters offices are ready to welcome the 400 employees. Specific dedicated information, orientation and reception tools have been designed to make this transition in an optimal way.

Groupe CAT thus continues to ensure flawless logistics including activities running nonstop, not only for its manufacturing customers, but also for the many players in the automotive industry in France, Europe and around the world.

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