Announcing second Health & Safety training session!  

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Source: ECG, 2019-12-05

After the successful first training session of the Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG) which took place in Valenciennes on 26-7 November, ECG announces the second training session on 17/18 December in Sagunto.  

The ECG H&S WG has been very busy developing strategies to reduce accidents in FVL, specifically in road transport. Toyota Motor Europe, who actively chairs this Working Group, will now run a series of training sessions. The sessions are aimed at showing in the field how the recommended standards developed within the WG.  

Session 2 

17 December, 9:00 – 17:30 

At the Safe Loading Process Demo session you will get an in-depth overview of the newly published “ECG Guidelines – Safe loading process”. During this session you will be guided through the steps of this process which thanks to simplified pictures and clear instructions ensures that drivers carry out their loading operations safely. The section will also include practical demonstrations on how to load the upper decks and the lower deck. 

The session is relevant for: driver trainers, quality managers, auditors. 

18 December, 8:00 – 13:00 

At the Risk Assessment Demo session, the ECG Risk Assessment method for car transporters will be demonstrated. You will get a thorough understanding of the ECG Risk Assessment method developed by the WG and assist with a risk assessment of a car transporter. 

The session is relevant for: driver trainers, fleet managers, purchasers. 

Next sessions  

Further training sessions will be organized in different parts of Europe in the coming months. 

  • 21/22 January 2020 – Kolin, CZ  

  • 18/19 February 2020 – Leipzig, DE 

  • 24/25 March 2020 – Malmo, SE 

How to join 

If you would like to have more information about the sessions or want to register, contact Andreea Serbu

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