First Health & Safety training session successfully concluded

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Source: ECG, 2019-11-29

On 26-27 November around 35 participants gathered at Toyota Motor Europe’s compound in Valenciennes to attend the first training session of the Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG). Participants from logistics provider and trailer manufacturer companies got a first-hand experience of the work done within the H&S WG with live demonstrations.

On the first day of the training, driver trainers, quality managers and auditors assisted to a full loading of a truck by a driver based on the ECG Guidelines – Safe loading process draft v1. The driver performed all the required actions by following the step-by-step processes described in the guidelines. The straightforward and clear pictures of the book are very helpful for drivers to carry out their operations in a safe way. The demonstration of the safe process to the participants restated the importance of having a booklet accessible to every driver which highlights how to load a truck in a safe way.

During the second day of the training session driver trainers, fleet managers and purchasers directly applied the Risk Assessment method developed by the H&S WG. They closely looked at one of the trucks on the yard to identify what were its best safety features. The Risk Assessment method was developed with the aim of finding long-term structural improvements to trailers which will make them safer. It is closely linked with the safe loading process as it aims at promoting and devleoping existing safety features of trailers addressing the H&S risks described in it. The sub-group working on this which includes representatives from trailer manufacturers will continue to risk assess trailers with the aim of producing a catalogue of effective safety features available on the market.

Next sessions

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17/18 December 2019 – Sagunto, ES

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18/19 February 2020 – Leipzig, DE

24/25 March 2020 – Malmo, SE

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