We are doubling our capacity at the Port of Esbjerg

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Source: Scandinavian Auto Logitsics, 2019-10-08

The Port of Esbjerg is establishing a new 40,000 square meters multiterminal west of the existing multiterminal at the Eastern Harbour. It creates a “highway” for SAL with its immediate access to the E20 and allows for even greater growth.

Less than a year ago we expanded our capacity with Terminal 2 and with the new multiterminal we will double our capacity with 5,000 cars a year. This means that even more cars can be held in stock before being distributed to the dealerships, says CEO Henrik Otto Jensen.

It is clear that there is an increased demand for the new terminal as it is already leased by our clients before it is completed. We experience growth and new opportunities for incoming cars and ships, and the VPC area is also experiencing a positive development, says CEO Henrik Otto Jensen.

The new multiterminal will be surfaced with concrete tiled areas that provides a more flexible applications of these areas, which is necessary as part of the basic infrastructure, when having large values of cars held in stock. This also means that our employees are exposed to much less dust nuisance and we expect increased commercial opportunities to arise, says CCO Michael Lodberg.

Security is a top priority at the Port of Esbjerg. The terminal is fully fenced and under strict surveillance and video monitoring 24/7 and complies with the ISPS Code.

All of this documents that the more the existing facilities are improved and expanded, the more goods can be transported through the Port of Esbjerg, says CEO Henrik Otto Jensen.

The construction company Arkil has won the tender on the new multiterminal. They started work on the new terminal on September 2 this year. The terminal is expected to be completed on 1 December 2019.

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