Land Transport

7,000 trucks could be stuck at Dover for two days after Brexit transition

Land Transport - 2020-09-24

Up to 7,000 trucks carrying goods from the UK to the EU might face two-day delays in Dover after the Brexit transition, according to a leaked letter from UK Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove...

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Confusion Over Terminology Blamed for Brexit Misunderstanding

Land Transport - 2020-09-16

The government has claimed that a misunderstanding of terms is what led to an attack from Logistics UK regarding the readiness of the new Customs system designed to smooth the way for trucks...

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Now is the time to get vehicle distribution out of the stone age

Land Transport - 2020-09-16

The number one strategic challenge for the automotive logistics sector right now is in matching vehicle distribution with demand through new channels of communication and different levels of service...

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RHA Brexit Checklist- What you need to do now

Land Transport - 2020-09-15

The latest Brexit checklist is now available here...

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UK prepares network of lorry parks for potential Brexit freight chaos

Land Transport - 2020-09-10

With the UK just three months away from its full separation from the European Union from 1 January 2021, the UK government has given itself sweeping powers to build lorry parks in up to 29 parts of th...

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Volkswagen sets course for green electricity to power all freight carried on Deutsche Bahn

Land Transport - 2020-09-09

Volkswagen Group Logistics is switching all Deutsche Bahn carriage of materials and vehicles within Germany to green electricity by the start of 2021...

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Rail receives €4·7bn in French recovery spending package

Land Transport - 2020-09-08

The government announced on September 3 its intention to provide a financial support package for the rail sector worth €4...

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Financing electric trucks and charging infrastructure

Land Transport - 2020-09-02

In July 2020, European leaders have agreed on a historic EU financial deal to boost the European economy after the COVID-19 crisis...

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Connected Automated Driving: opportunities and challenges for road transport

Land Transport - 2020-09-01

We often hear from our members about the importance of reliable and complete information on new technologies...

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Future border strategy needs urgency to help reduce friction, says Logistics UK

Land Transport - 2020-08-31

In response to the government’s consultation on its 2025 UK Border Strategy, which closes this week (28 August 2020), Sarah Laouadi, Manager of European & International Policy at Logistics U...

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EU Drivers Hours Changes Need to be Studied to Ensure Compliance

Land Transport - 2020-08-28

Anyone reading the UK Department for Transport (DfT) directive on the changes made to HGV drivers' hours which came into force on the 20th August 2020 would, at first sight, think very l...

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A summary of the new EU driving rules changes

Land Transport - 2020-08-24

The RHA has summarised the changes to working time and rest that will apply from 20 August as result of the adoption of the EU Mobility Package...

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RHA sees Brussels' reaction to UK truckers' access to the EU as short sighted

Land Transport - 2020-08-21

The RHA is deeply concerned at the continuing refusal from Brussels to grant British truckers the access to Europe they need to keep the UK supply chain moving...

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Strike a Deal to keep the supply chain intact

Land Transport - 2020-08-20

Responding to reports that negotiations between the UK and EU are facing issues over continued access to the EU market for UK hauliers, business group Logistics UK is urging the government to keep pre...

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Construction works of Rastatt tunnel postponed till this autumn

Land Transport - 2020-08-14

This was explained by Sebastian Wilske of the Regional Planning Association Upper Middle Rhine...

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EU driving rules changing from 20 August

Land Transport - 2020-08-13

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced that EU drivers’ hours and tachograph rules will change on 20 August...

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UK Government Publishes Latest Plans to Avoid Post-Brexit Congestion for Road Haulage Drivers

Land Transport - 2020-08-12

Earlier this week the Department for Transport (DfT) published its latest information regarding proposals to adapt the infamous 'Operation Brock', the plan to control traffic on the link roads...

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Doubt Over Brexit Details Concerns Freight Forwarders and Logistics Operators

Land Transport - 2020-08-11

In the final paragraph of the piece we wrote on Thursday 6 August about the government's latest pronouncements on business after Brexit we commented there were still a lot of gaps to be ...

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Truckers returning from Belgium exempt from 14-day self-isolation rules

Land Transport - 2020-08-10

We can confirm that HGV drivers returning from Belgium don’t need to self-isolate so long as their journey is work related...

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E-trains gain upper hand over hydrogen locomotives

Land Transport - 2020-07-30

Rail operators could make big savings by choosing electric battery power over hydrogen fuel cells when replacing diesel engines, a new study has suggested, although the ever-changing price of energy m...

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