Land Transport

Construction works of Rastatt tunnel postponed till this autumn

Land Transport - 2020-08-14

This was explained by Sebastian Wilske of the Regional Planning Association Upper Middle Rhine...

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EU driving rules changing from 20 August

Land Transport - 2020-08-13

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced that EU drivers’ hours and tachograph rules will change on 20 August...

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UK Government Publishes Latest Plans to Avoid Post-Brexit Congestion for Road Haulage Drivers

Land Transport - 2020-08-12

Earlier this week the Department for Transport (DfT) published its latest information regarding proposals to adapt the infamous 'Operation Brock', the plan to control traffic on the link roads...

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Doubt Over Brexit Details Concerns Freight Forwarders and Logistics Operators

Land Transport - 2020-08-11

In the final paragraph of the piece we wrote on Thursday 6 August about the government's latest pronouncements on business after Brexit we commented there were still a lot of gaps to be ...

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Truckers returning from Belgium exempt from 14-day self-isolation rules

Land Transport - 2020-08-10

We can confirm that HGV drivers returning from Belgium don’t need to self-isolate so long as their journey is work related...

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E-trains gain upper hand over hydrogen locomotives

Land Transport - 2020-07-30

Rail operators could make big savings by choosing electric battery power over hydrogen fuel cells when replacing diesel engines, a new study has suggested, although the ever-changing price of energy m...

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Entire Spanish supply chain supports the implementation of eCMR

Land Transport - 2020-07-27

Last week, the fourth meeting of the Spanish Electronic Transport Documents (ETD) working group was set up to analyze the situation of the digitization of transport in Spain and design the necessary a...

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UK publishes post-Brexit border operating model

Land Transport - 2020-07-15

The UK government  published on Monday 13 July a long-awaited guide to how Britain’s border with the European Union will work after the transition period following the UK’s departure ...

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If You Thought Brexit Was All Over Then Check This Out Before You Celebrate

Land Transport - 2020-07-09

So you thought Brexit was done and dusted? Currently those with an interest in exports and imports between Britain and Europe are waiting with bated breath for somebody to blink in the Brussels talks ...

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Slovakian cars shipped to Koper by train

Land Transport - 2020-06-24

A train loaded with 198 cars produced by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in Nitra (Slovakia) arrived on at Koper's car and Ro-Ro terminal on 22 June, for onward transport by barge...

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Over 42% more secure parking places

Land Transport - 2020-06-22

The transported asset protection association (Tapa) has partnered with Bosch Secure Truck Parking, a digital booking platform for truck parking spaces in Europe...

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Permanent change and prospects for logistics post-Covid

Land Transport - 2020-06-16

Having battled to cope with sudden disruptions to the automotive supply chain caused by the coronavirus pandemic, logistics providers are now looking at the more permanent changes to the sector that t...

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Truck parking spaces on German-Danish border

Land Transport - 2020-06-04

Bosch Secure Truck Parking has added another location to its network...

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Electric trucks could be cheaper than fossil ones by 2024 in France

Land Transport - 2020-06-02

Electric trucks in France can become cheaper to own and run than diesel trucks by 2024 by reducing taxes on electricity, removing the diesel fuel rebate and giving hauliers a purchase incentive, a...

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Important relief measures for EU road transport operators enter into force

Land Transport - 2020-05-29

A patchwork of administrative formalities has been the main challenge for road transport companies during COVID-19...

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UK unveils post-Brexit tariff regime

Land Transport - 2020-05-20

The UK will slash import tariffs on some products and scrap the complex calculation system the EU uses to determine some food levies once the Brexit transition period ends...

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German toll exemption a model to drive decarbonisation

Land Transport - 2020-05-19

The German Parliament voted to extend the existing exemption from road user charges for clean trucks, powered by CNG, LNG and electricity, until 2023...

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Driverless trucks could shift transport from rails to road – report

Land Transport - 2020-05-15

The introduction of automated heavy trucks could further shift transport from rail to road, according to a report by Germany’s Aerospace Center (DLR) on the opportunities and risks of ...

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Fluid trade agreement needed to avoid disaster beyond belief

Land Transport - 2020-05-13

Strong supply chains and fluid borders between the UK and Europe must be maintained to avoid economic disaster, Rod McKenzie has told the Telegraph...

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Covid recovery will test resilience of outbound supply chain, says report

Land Transport - 2020-04-28

As vehicle manufacturers tentatively restart production in Europe after shutdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there are concerns that insolvencies in the outbound logistics sector could hamper di...

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