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New impetus for digitalization of shipping in the COVID-19 pandemic

Maritime & Ports - 2020-09-29

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance  of electronic data exchange and the vital need for digitalization and automation, to ensure supply chains conti...

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How to achieve sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet?

Maritime & Ports - 2020-09-25

​A global audience has heard how innovation, the maritime workforce and the role of industry and governments can work to realise shipping's sustainable future...

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British Ports responds to reasonable worst-case scenario Brexit assumptions

Maritime & Ports - 2020-09-24

Responding to the letter sent to trade bodies by the chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove which highlights potential issues for freight traffic after the Brexit transition period, the British...

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ESPO calls for an FUELEU Maritime Initiative that combines clear goals with support for innovation and investments in the maritime sector 

Maritime & Ports - 2020-09-23

As part of the ongoing discussions on the future FuelEU Maritime Initiative, the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) expresses the commitment of European ports to play their part in helping the shi...

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“NextGEN” shipping decarbonization concept mooted for green and efficient navigation

Maritime & Ports - 2020-09-23

A new concept for a collaborative global ecosystem of maritime transport decarbonization initiatives has been introduced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Singapore, during a global...

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Shippers balk at EU carbon market plan

Maritime & Ports - 2020-09-15

The shipping industry has railed against plans to expand the EU carbon market to the maritime sector ahead of a crucial vote in the European Parliament on Tuesday (15 September) that risks putting law...

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An EU ETS for Shipping Would Undermine a Global GHG Solution

Maritime & Ports - 2020-09-11

On 11 September the World Shipping Council published a paper highlighting serious concerns for maritime trade and global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions if the EU expands its Emissions Trad...

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Brexit: Border infrastructure planning easements welcome but timescales remain tight

Maritime & Ports - 2020-09-07

The British Ports Association has welcomed the new legislation introduced to fast track the planning processes for Brexit related border infrastructure, at and around ports, but is warning that there ...

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World’s first ‘carbon-capture at sea’ set for shipping trials

Maritime & Ports - 2020-09-04

Japanese shipbuilding giant Mitsubishi announced on Monday (31 August) that it will build and test a carbon-capture system for ships, aimed at significantly reducing the emissions of the maritime sect...

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Shipowners must stay vigilant to upcoming environmental regulations

Maritime & Ports - 2020-09-01

The maritime industry is facing several upcoming environmental regulations, in addition to the broad range already in place...

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New protocols offer effective tools to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 onboard ships

Maritime & Ports - 2020-08-27

On Wednesday 24 August, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), along with the International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) and the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INT...

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A roadmap to cut shipping emissions in the Mediterranean

Maritime & Ports - 2020-08-26

Disclaimer: This opinion piece does not necessarily reflect the views of ECG An emission control area for sulphur oxides in the Mediterranean is not a panacea, but it would open new possibilities f...

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Ports Eyeing up Autonomous shipping possibilities

Maritime & Ports - 2020-08-25

The British Ports Association launched on Monday 24 August a new initiative looking at the implications of autonomous shipping for UK ports, including a call for evidence from inte...

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Can financial incentives help reduce shipping emissions?

Maritime & Ports - 2020-08-19

With commercial shipping estimated to account for between 2-3% of annual global CO2 emissions, there is a strong impetus on the industry to address its impact on the global climate crisis...

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Just In Time Arrival Guide issued to support smarter, more efficient shipping

Maritime & Ports - 2020-08-12

​A new Just In Time Arrival Guide which aims to provide both port and shipping sectors with practical guidance on how to facilitate Just In Time Arrivals has been released...

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After IMO 2020, decarbonization in spotlight for shipping sector

Maritime & Ports - 2020-08-03

Shipping companies in Asia and around the globe are steaming ahead with efforts to minimize their carbon footprint as the urgency to decarbonize intensifies after a fairly smooth transition to the Int...

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Digitalization of shipping – more important than ever

Maritime & Ports - 2020-07-29

Digitalisation, big data, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence are key in enabling the post-COVID recovery, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim told at a webinar&...

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BPA to Conduct Major Review of Port Transport and Infrastructure Connectivity

Maritime & Ports - 2020-07-29

The British Ports Association (BPA) is launching a major new review of UK port connectivity...

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Marine fuels & IMO 2020: So much for all the hype

Maritime & Ports - 2020-07-22

VLSFO the fuel of choice As the shipping industry has moved further into 2020, and with the need to comply with new regulations to cap the sulphur content of fuel burned to 0...

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Freeport vision could unlock trade opportunities but plans need clarity, says FTA

Maritime & Ports - 2020-07-16

The government’s proposal to establish ten Freeports in the UK has the potential to unlock significant opportunities for international trade, according to FTA, the business group representing th...

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