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ABP to install 5G network at port of Southampton

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-06

The wireless data network will cross selected areas within the port’s east and west docks...

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She's Off! The Suez Canal Reopens to Shipping as Stranded Container Vessel Under Way Again

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-30

In a way the recent stranding of the 20,000 TEU container ship Ever Given compares with the recent trials and tribulations offered by the Covid-19 pandemic...

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Suez demonstrates just how much global supply chains rely on shipping, says International Chamber of Shipping

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-26

25th March 2021: The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has released a statement on the ongoing blockage of the Suez Canal by the ship Ever Given, noting that the incident lays bare the...

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Fourth IMO greenhouse gas emissions study – highlights published

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-25

The Fourth IMO GHG Study Executive Summary has been published...

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Shipping companies in ‘impossible position’ as proof of seafarer vaccinations poses legal minefield

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-23

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has warned that lack of access to vaccinations for seafarers is placing shipping in a ‘legal minefield’ while leaving global supply chains vulne...

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Industry backs United Nations $5bn ‘moon-shot’ programme to decarbonise shipping

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-11

Responding to the UN Secretary-General’s call for “urgency and ambition” on climate change, the entire global shipping industry is giving “full and unequivocal” backing t...

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Gdansk: One of Europe’s Fastest Growing Ports

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-10

The Port of Gdansk has overtaken Russia’s Port of Primorsk to become the third-busiest port for cargo shipments in the Baltic Sea...

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Netherlands to relax covid test requirements for lorry drivers coming from the UK

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-10

Lorry drivers who spend less than 48 hours in the UK are to be allowed to enter the Netherlands without presenting a negative coronavirus test...

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ECSA-ETF: EU shipping needs to attract and retain more women

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-09

The European social partners for Maritime Transport, the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), continue to advocate the e...

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Ammonia in a sweet spot to meet shipping’s decarbonization objectives: experts

Maritime & Ports - 2021-02-19

A number of ammonia-fueled ships will likely hit the waters well before 2030, with gas carriers likely to emerge early adopters, as international shipping gears up for the International Maritime Organ...

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EU shipowners call for fund coupled with targets for fuel suppliers to decarbonise shipping

Maritime & Ports - 2021-02-15

The European Commission should address fuel suppliers by introducing sub-targets to make low and zero carbon fuels available for shipping and by increasing the multiplier for renewable fuels used...

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The Ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge to join forces

Maritime & Ports - 2021-02-15

The City of Antwerp and the City of Bruges have reached an agreement to merge their respective ports, according to Port of Antwerp's release...

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Addressing financial challenges of sustainable shipping

Maritime & Ports - 2021-02-01

Work to address the financial challenges of shipping’s transition to a more sustainable future has continued with a meeting of the FIN-SMART Roundtable Workstream 1...

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Shipping industry demands vaccine priority for seafarers amid renewed crew change struggles

Maritime & Ports - 2021-01-20

The International Chamber of Shipping is leading calls for governments to put seafarers and frontline maritime shore workers at the head of the vaccine queue and to&...

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Brittany Ferries launches France-Ireland ‘Brexit by-pass’ Ro-Ro service two months early

Maritime & Ports - 2021-01-19

Brittany Ferries on 18 January launched its France-Ireland ‘Brexit by-pass’ Ro-Ro service, connecting Cherbourg and Rosslare, two months earlier than originally planned, due to strong...

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Ferry firms avoid Britain with ‘Brexit buster’ services from Ireland

Maritime & Ports - 2021-01-15

Ferry companies in Ireland are pulling some of their newest, biggest vessels from British routes to boost “Brexit buster” services direct to the Continent...

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Ship ‘coffee breaks’ not enough to avoid EU carbon charges

Maritime & Ports - 2020-12-17

The European Union is on course to extend its emission trading scheme to shipping but is yet to decide which voyages should actually be included...

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UK port congestion could continue for months

Maritime & Ports - 2020-12-11

Nine organisations involved in the supply of goods to the UK have written to UK Transport Minister Grant Schapps this week to warn that the current levels of congestion at the country’s leading ...

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Shipping Companies Taking Different Approaches on Irish Routes as Brexit Deadline Looms

Maritime & Ports - 2020-12-03

With the looming deadline of Brexit on 31 December, shipping lines serving the country are wondering what the future holds in terms of routes for traffic between the Emerald Isle and continental ...

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Fuel from waste: Volkswagen powers car freighters with used oil from restaurants

Maritime & Ports - 2020-11-26

The Volkswagen Group continues to force the pace of climate protection: in future, Volkswagen Group Logistics will be using certified fuel from vegetable residues for certain new car shipments via mar...

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