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Air pollution-busting ship fuel in climate backlash

Maritime & Ports - 2020-01-20

New rules aimed at reducing air pollution from shipping may worsen the sector’s climate impact, according to new research, which warns that low sulphur fuels could end up producing more climate-...

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BIMCO: Low-Sulfur Fuel Sales Rise as Shipping Industry Responds to IMO 2020

Maritime & Ports - 2020-01-17

The final quarter of 2019 marked a massive decline of high-sulfur fuel oil (HSFO) sales as the industry transitioned into compliance with the IMO 2020 sulphur cap, according to international shipping ...

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Shipping to splash out on ammonia in green bid

Maritime & Ports - 2020-01-16

A shipbuilder and engine maker are among leading companies looking to develop a vessel that can run on ammonia as part of efforts to speed up carbon reductions in shipping through cleaner fuel options...

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Poten: Relatively Smooth Sailing as IMO 2020 Enters into Force?

Maritime & Ports - 2020-01-13

Two weeks into January 2020, it appears the shipping industry is coping better than expected following the entry into force of the highly dreaded sulphur cap, according to Poten Tanker Opinion...

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2020: Sustainability to overtake Brexit as main focus for ports industry?

Maritime & Ports - 2020-01-02

The British Ports Association (BPA) outlines key priorities for 2020: Sustainability, energy transition, regional growth, connectivity, innovation, safety, people & skills, regulatory re...

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New terminal in Cherbourg should shift Channel traffic to rail

Maritime & Ports - 2019-12-23

Ports of Normandy wants to establish a combined transport terminal in the port of Cherbourg, in order to increase its importance as a cross-Channel port...

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New clean shipping fuel rules, but who polices the polluters?

Maritime & Ports - 2019-12-20

Sweeping new fuel rules aiming to cut pollution belching from ships and save lives are now just a couple of weeks away but with no central policing agency and several countries still not signed up to ...

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IMO 2020 – a major shake-up for oil and shipping

Maritime & Ports - 2019-12-19

Tougher rules on sulphur emissions from ships will come into effect next year in the biggest shake-up for the oil and shipping industries for decades...

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Belgium: 7 Industry Players Team Up on Hydrogen Transport

Maritime & Ports - 2019-12-19

Seven maritime industry players and stakeholders have joined forces to promote hydrogen as a form of energy that will help reduce CO2 emissions in Belgium...

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UK Port Connectivity Summit planned to discuss investment in road and rail links to ports

Maritime & Ports - 2019-12-18

The British Ports Association is hosting its first Port Connectivity Summit this spring to focus attention on the investment needed to better connect ports to wider transport infrastructure...

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Ship Owners Propose Mandatory Levy on Marine Fuel to Achieve Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Maritime & Ports - 2019-12-18

Despite the much touted figure that international shipping moves 90% of the world's trade goods whilst emitting only 2...

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IMO fails to adopt speed reduction measures despite environmental benefits

Maritime & Ports - 2019-12-16

Slowing the speeds of ships can have massive benefits for pollution and marine life, as well as the fight against climate change, a new report has found...

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Shipping at COP25: Full speed ahead towards full decarbonisation

Maritime & Ports - 2019-12-13

On Friday 13 December 2019 at COP 25, the UN Climate Change Conference, in Madrid, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA), and the Sp...

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Port of Rotterdam Points to Dramatic Rise in Sale of Low-Sulphur Bunker Oil

Maritime & Ports - 2019-12-10

The Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest bunker port, has seen a major spike in the sale of the new very low sulphur fuel bunker oil (VLSFO) with a maximum 0...

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European shipping's climate record

Maritime & Ports - 2019-12-09

The monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) regulation of EU maritime emissions requires most ships to report their CO2 emissions associated with journeys to and from the EU...

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A Globally-Oriented European Commission for a Strong European Union

Maritime & Ports - 2019-11-28

On behalf of the whole European shipping industry, ECSA welcomes the confirmation of the new College of the European Commission, under the leadership of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen...

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Initiative to research more effective IMO2020 enforcement techniques goes live online

Maritime & Ports - 2019-11-27

IMO2020 is just around the corner, and the positive changes it will bring could be dramatic, but only if the new rules are enforced effectively, which will help ensure that full compliance is achieved...

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Valenciaport becomes the most transparent port in the world with its time-tracking tool

Maritime & Ports - 2019-11-26

The Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has presented this morning its new tracking tool “Scale Times” in Valenciaport...

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Smart Ports: Piers of Future

Maritime & Ports - 2019-11-24

For the first time, the ports of Antwerp, Barcelona, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Montreal and Rotterdam come together to showcase their most advanced digital transformation and sustainability projects at th...

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The IMO and the Price of Gas or The Impact of the International Maritime Organisation’s Sulphur 2020 Limit for Marine Fuel Oil on the Price of Gas

Maritime & Ports - 2019-11-20

The main bunker fuel for ships is High Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO, with sulphur up to 3...

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