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Shipping Emission Rules to Gradually Tighten, Weakening Profits

Maritime & Ports - 2021-05-05

Global shipping emission regulations are set to tighten, albeit slowly, requiring investment in new vessels powered by alternative fuels and increasing operating costs, Fitch Ratings says...

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All options still on table for cutting shipping CO2 emissions: EC official

Maritime & Ports - 2021-05-04

All options remain on the table for reducing CO2 emissions from the maritime sector, a European Commission Official said on 29 April...

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7% green fuels by 2030 would decarbonise EU shipping mid-century - study

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-29

7% of the EU’s shipping fuels need to be green by 2030 for the sector to decarbonise by mid-century, a new study shows...

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Fuel cells critical to net-zero emission shipping: Shell’s Henderson

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-27

Fuel cells will be a key instrument in decarbonising the shipping sector, a Shell Official said on 22 April at an industry event...

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Giant sails on cargo ships could slash CO2 emissions by 30%

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-23

Fitting sails to cargo ships and sailing more slowly could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping industry by up to 40% – or possibly more as technologies improve – according to...

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Ammonia as Marine Fuel is Going Under the Safety Microscope

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-22

 When it was first proposed as a marine fuel the mention of ammonia certainly was a cause for raised eyebrows in many quarters...

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Informal discussions focus on lifecycle GHG/carbon intensity of cleaner fuels for shipping

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-20

IMO has facilitated virtual informal discussion sessions (14-15 April) on lifecycle GHG/carbon intensity for potential future fuels for shipping...

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World Bank: Ammonia, hydrogen are the most promising zero-carbon marine fuels

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-19

Ammonia and hydrogen are zero-carbon bunker fuels that are most likely to be major contributors to shipping’s decarbonised future, a new series of reports released by the World Bank reveals...

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Evergreen confirms Ever Given arrested pending $916m claim including $300m for loss of reputation

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-15

Taiwanese liner Evergreen confirmed on Wednesday 14 April that the 20,388 teu Ever Given has been arrested by a court in Egypt this week...

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Turkey joins counterparts in banning scrubber wash water discharge

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-12

Turkey has banned the discharge of scrubber wash water in its territorial waters following in the footsteps of a number of governments, including that of Saudi Arabia and Singapore...

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A game of two halves at Europe’s vehicle ports

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-09

Volatility at Europe’s leading finished vehicle handling ports was made worse in 2020 by the impact of restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in the first half of the year and then by resu...

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Shipping lines and OEMs invest to decarbonise shipping

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-09

Despite being a relatively efficient way to transport cars and parts, shipping still produces a lot of pollution...

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Zeebrugge remains busiest European vehicle handling port

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-08

Despite the impact on throughput caused by Covid-19 disruption, Belgium’s port of Zeebrugge maintained its position as Europe’s busiest vehicle handling port in 2020...

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ABP to install 5G network at port of Southampton

Maritime & Ports - 2021-04-06

The wireless data network will cross selected areas within the port’s east and west docks...

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She's Off! The Suez Canal Reopens to Shipping as Stranded Container Vessel Under Way Again

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-30

In a way the recent stranding of the 20,000 TEU container ship Ever Given compares with the recent trials and tribulations offered by the Covid-19 pandemic...

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Suez demonstrates just how much global supply chains rely on shipping, says International Chamber of Shipping

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-26

25th March 2021: The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has released a statement on the ongoing blockage of the Suez Canal by the ship Ever Given, noting that the incident lays bare the...

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Fourth IMO greenhouse gas emissions study – highlights published

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-25

The Fourth IMO GHG Study Executive Summary has been published...

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Shipping companies in ‘impossible position’ as proof of seafarer vaccinations poses legal minefield

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-23

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has warned that lack of access to vaccinations for seafarers is placing shipping in a ‘legal minefield’ while leaving global supply chains vulne...

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Industry backs United Nations $5bn ‘moon-shot’ programme to decarbonise shipping

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-11

Responding to the UN Secretary-General’s call for “urgency and ambition” on climate change, the entire global shipping industry is giving “full and unequivocal” backing t...

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Gdansk: One of Europe’s Fastest Growing Ports

Maritime & Ports - 2021-03-10

The Port of Gdansk has overtaken Russia’s Port of Primorsk to become the third-busiest port for cargo shipments in the Baltic Sea...

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