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EU’s buildings directive should give EV owners the right to a smart plug

News from Brussels - 2021-11-08

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of ECG Smart EV charging receives little attention in th...

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Shipping and aviation heading for 3°C says UN chief

News from Brussels - 2021-11-04

“Let’s be honest…current commitments are not aligned with the 1...

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E-mobility: only 1 in 9 charging points in EU is fast

News from Brussels - 2021-11-03

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) is alerting EU policy makers to a twin problem with charging infrastructure for electric cars: not only is there a flagrant lack of char...

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Merkel makes plea for carbon pricing in last COP climate speech

News from Brussels - 2021-11-03

Taking her final bow on the world stage after 26 years of climate policy involvement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at the opening of COP26 in Glasgow that progress in emission reductions has b...

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Ep Resolution On The Safety Of Truck Parking Areas

News from Brussels - 2021-11-02

On 25 October, the European Parliament’s Petitions (PETI) Committee adopted a resolution on the safety of truck parking areas  in the EU, asking for more co-ordination among Member Sta...

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Use of hired lorries – presidency agrees clearer and more flexible rules with European Parliament

News from Brussels - 2021-10-29

On 28 October, negotiators from the Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on revised rules for the use of hired vehicles for goods transport...

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The European Sea Ports Organisation Urges Eu Policymakers To Align Discussions On Afir And FuelEu Maritime

News from Brussels - 2021-10-27

The European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) urges the Council and the European Parliament to fully align the maritime pillar of the proposal for an Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) wit...

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Chip shortage: auto industry calls for more EU-made semiconductors

News from Brussels - 2021-10-27

For months now, a global chip shortage is disrupting automotive supply chains and production processes, with a major impact on European automakers...

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EU leaders signal alarm over Chinese magnesium crunch

News from Brussels - 2021-10-25

Fears are growing among European Leaders that the EU's industrial recovery from the pandemic is about to be undercut by yet another supply shock: a shortage of Chinese magnesium, which is vital to...

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Brussels defends EU battery law against charges from car industry

News from Brussels - 2021-10-22

The European Commission has brushed off industry criticism that the upcoming EU battery regulation could raise the cost of electric vehicles, arguing that prices will fall thanks to increased manufact...

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Social protection for drivers: European Commission and European Labour Authority join Europe-wide enforcement action

News from Brussels - 2021-10-18

Belgian, Dutch, French and German traffic police forces carried out a joint roadside operation in the outskirts of Brussels on 15 October...

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Europe’s policymakers lag behind truckmakers on CO2 emissions

News from Brussels - 2021-10-12

EU policymakers are lagging behind truckmakers when it comes to CO2 emissions, a new study shows...

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Connecting Europe Express reaches final destination after 20,000km journey

News from Brussels - 2021-10-11

On 7 October, the Connecting Europe Express reached its final destination of Paris after 36 days travelling across Europe - West to East, North to South, and even visiting neighbours outside the EU...

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European battery law will set global standard for the car industry, EU says

News from Brussels - 2021-10-06

Proposed EU legislation to ensure materials for batteries are sourced ethically and sustainably will push up global standards, making Europe a “trailblazer” in the field, the European Comm...

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Better Rail-Port connectivity a win-win for Europe

News from Brussels - 2021-10-05

The Connecting Europe Express, which is one of the European Year of Rail’s most prominent initiatives, has passed through Rotterdam on 3 October and arrived on 4 October in Antwerp...

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Tran MEPs exchange views with Commissioner Valean on Fit for 55 Package

News from Brussels - 2021-10-04

The European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committee met on 27 September to discuss the Fit for 55 proposals with EU Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean...

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France eyes control over chip agenda in EU-US tech alliance

News from Brussels - 2021-09-30

Top EU and US officials are set to meet in Pittsburgh on 29 September to inaugurate the new Trade and Tech Council (TTC), amid ongoing disruption to the global supply chain of microchips...

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Transport Ministers Discuss Afir Proposal

News from Brussels - 2021-09-27

Transport Ministers of the EU gathered on 23 September at an informal meeting in Slovenia to discuss the key aspects the proposal for a regulation on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure...

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Car industry “dirty tricks” seek to derail tough EU emissions standards

News from Brussels - 2021-09-24

The European car industry is using aggressive lobbying and making unsubstantiated claims in an attempt to derail EU plans to cut pollution from road transport, campaign group Transport & Environme...

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IRU and ETF welcome new EU funding for safe and secure truck parking areas

News from Brussels - 2021-09-17

IRU, the world road transport organisation, and ETF, Europe’s Transport Workers’ Federation, have welcomed the European Commission´s launch of a call for proposals to access &eu...

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