Working Groups – Summary

See below the latest developments of ECG’s various Working Groups.

December 2021


In 2021 ECG started a joint project with Odette on the development of a standard for the VIN label in the finished vehicle supply chain, which will be based on ECG’s own recommendation on VIN labels. A small group of LSPs was first convened and analysed the needs of ECG member companies. Based on this survey a basis for discussion was drafted and presented to the OEMs at the end of last year. In 2022 the joint group will continue the discussions on the placement, content and layout of the VIN labels used in the supply chain.

The project on standard KPIs for Finished Vehicle Logistics, launched in April under Odette International’s and ECG’s co-ordination, has had calls every three weeks. Several OEMs are involved in the project where, as a first step, the existing KPIs were presented and core KPIs were selected for further analysis, with the aim to identify a standard definition and methodology. The identified indicators concern lead time, damage ratio and event reporting. The next call of the group will be held at the end of January where ECG members will also be involved. Anyone interested in joining should contact Szilvi Kiss.

The strategic project on Digital Vehicle Handover practices aims to create a recommendation by end of Q2 2022 to make sure that the various available technical solutions on the market are interoperable and yield a comparable result. After having discussed on the image outputs of these solutions, the discussions are now on-going on the IT, operational and data-related aspects. A parallel legal work stream also started its work in 2021 and it will be reconvened in the new year.
A webinar of the whole Digitalisation Working Group will be held at the end of Q1 2022. With any enquiry on this Working Group or its sub-groups, please contact Szilvi Kiss.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG) has different sub-groups (SG) carrying out activities related to truck transportation in finished vehicle logistics. The Steering Group of the H&S WG made up of the co-chairs and leaders of the sub-groups meet 4 times per year to assess the ongoing activities as well as the next steps of the various sub-groups.
A H&S WG webinar will be organised on 18 January 2022. The co-chairs, leaders of the sub-groups and all the members of the WG will meet to assess the status of activities and to discuss next steps and objectives. Click here for more information about the webinar and how to join.

Latest from the subgroups:

SG1 – Incident reporting

• Read the 2020 yearly report on incidents here
Report on your 2021 incidents, we will soon produce a new yearly report

SG2 – Loading method

• The ECG Guidelines – Safe Loading Process are now available in Portuguese as well (NOW 13 LANGUAGES in total!)

SG3 – Safe yards

• Do not forget about the first guideline ever on yard design: the ECG Guidelines – Safe Yard Design and let us know if you use it

SG4 – Safe retailers

• SG4 initiated its work on safe unloading at retailers – we will let you know soon all the relevant updates

SG5 – Safe trucks

• This SG is now on hold until further notice

If you are interested in any of the sub-groups and you would like to join the H&S WG, please contact Andreea Serbu.

Maritime & Ports

Maritime & Ports Working Group held its first physical meeting for more than a year on 15/16 November in Sète, France. On 15 November evening, participants then enjoyed a networking dinner. The meeting took place on 16 November in the morning and was followed by a tour of Port of Sète and its facilities.

The agenda included updates and presentations on the latest developments on Cold Ironing, EEXI and the Carbon Intensity Indicator, emissions reduction and the semiconductor shortage which continues to be the most important challenge the industry is facing. The presentation of the meeting is available here.

The next meeting will be organised in March 2022. The date and venue will be communicated in due course. For more information or to join the Working Group please contact Serena Scognamiglio.


The last online meeting of the Quality Working Group (QWG) was held on 29 September, with a very good attendance rate from members, OEMs and ECG partners alike. The group assessed the latest developments of the sub-groups and decided to review the Operations Quality Manual for Commercial Vehicles. Members who worked on the original document in 2012 and those who wished to be involved were already contacted to give their feedback. The revised document will be presented to the next Quality meeting, then published and translated. The participants decided to work on yard audit standardisation as well – members will be contacted on this matter soon.

The revised Visual Inspection Guidelines were published on the ECG website. The document has undergone a thorough revision and improvement. Besides the official English the Guidelines will be translated to Dutch and German and these versions are already available on the website. We would like to thank our volunteer translators: Hugo Standaert (Mosolf Group) and Kurt De Vooght (Stobart Automotive), for Dutch language and Frank Müller (BLG) for the German language translation. In case you need a translation to another language or if you have any feedback on the document please let ECG know.

The QWG’s EV sub-group started the revision of the ECG Operations Quality Manual’s chapter on Alternative Fuel Vehicles in January 2021. The purpose of the discussions was to adjust Chapter 6 into an easily understandable document that is useful for people on the ground. The group has now finished its work on this chapter therefore the updated and improved document will be presented to the Quality group at its next meeting. Afterwards the OQM version 9 will be published and translated.

The next meeting of the Quality Group will be held in Q1 2022, date TBC. For more information or to join the Working Group please contact Szilvi Kiss.


The main focus of the Sustainability Working Group (SWG) is standardisation of emissions calculation & reporting for the supply chain as this is gaining ever more importance at EU level and among car manufacturers.
As standardisation of CO2 emissions in FVL is one of ECG’s strategic objectives for 2021, the SWG is looking at all modes of transportation and its aim is to align LSPs and OEMs and agree on a common way of calculating and reporting emissions in FVL.

For more information, or to join the group, please contact Andreea Serbu.

Regional Meetings

UK & Ireland

Members in the UK & Ireland normally meet 3 times a year. After a break of two years a record number of participants came together for the regular annual meeting in central London on 10 November, joined as well by a handful of others participating online. Guests and speakers were welcomed from Aston Lark, Lonhams Marine Underwriters, ICDP and the SMMT. Some also joined an informal dinner in the evening. Meetings proposed for 2022 are Dublin in February; DAF Trucks in Oxfordshire in June; and back to London once again on 10 November.

For more information or to join the group please contact the ECG secretariat.

Eastern Region

The next meeting will be organised in April 2022, location TBC. For more information, or to join the group, please contact Andreea Serbu.