Working Groups – Summary

See below the latest developments of ECG’s various Working Groups.

February 2021


The Capacity Working Group (CWG) is dormant. In 2019 it produced the ECG Standard for vehicle logistics forecasting a recommended methodology to establish a forecasting cycle which assists with more accurate forecasting and provides guidelines on how to improve the accuracy of the process in the long term. ECG keeps on promoting the standard and encouraging its members to use it in contracts with their customers.

For more information or to join the group please contact Andreea Serbu.


After the successful collaboration between Odette, the VDA and ECG, we are in discussion with the two partner associations to embark on some new joint adventures again. The new topics of discussion this year concern e-gate and the VIN labels, as well as Alternative Fuel Vehicle labels in the supply chain. We are in the first steps of these projects and soon we will share more information with our members.

For more information or to join the WG please contact Szilvi Kiss.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG) has different sub-groups (SG) carrying out different activities related to truck transportation in finished vehicle logistics.

SG1 – Incident reporting

SG1 works on key accident sharing and learning. Many accidents are happening during loading and unloading operations and the sub-group developed an incident reporting website where ECG members can upload their accidents. The website is a database for incidents which will be used to issue useful reports for the whole industry.

The subgroup issued a report on accidents of 2019: Making the industry safer – reducing accidents in FVL, 2019 incidents & analysis. In January Issue 1 the Incident reporting bulletin entitled A ‘roll off’ that caused a ‘fall from height’ was published – read it here. The second article will be published in February/March.

On 26 February ECG is holding a webinar on the incident reporting website. More information on how to attend on our website.

We invite our members to watch our instructional video & fill in their 2020 and 2021 incidents on our website.

SG2 – Loading method

SG2 is working on man/method and developed the ECG Guidelines – Safe Loading Process which explain step-by-step how to load and unload safely vehicles onto trucks. The Guidelines are available in Czech, Dutch, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian on our website.
The latest meeting of SG2 was on 27/01 where the participants discussed the creation of a guide to help Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) to implement the Guidelines. The SG is currently gathering input on this and the next meeting will be on 26 February.

SG3 – Safe yards

SG3 is looking at making the environment safe and produced the first draft of the ECG Guidelines – Safe Yard Design which outline how a safe yard should look like. The sub-group did a feasibility study on the Guidelines which showed that the Guidelines are realistic. SG3 met on 23 February and discussed the next steps: additional chapter on EVs in the Guidelines and certification system for yards complying with the Guidelines. The next meeting will be at the beginning of March.

SG4 – Safe retailers

SG4 initiated its work on delivery at retailers. It developed the first draft of the safety evaluation form which will be tested during retailers visits when restrictions due to COVID will be lifted. The latest meeting was on 25 February where participants the retailers escalation process to be followed by logistics providers when there are safety issues with delivery at retailers. ECG will publish the process and inform ECG Members in March. The ultimate aim of the SG is to issue guidelines on how delivery at retailers should be done in a safe way and what conditions should be met by retailers.

SG5 – Breakthrough

SG5 developed a risk assessment tool for trailers to find out how safe they are. The tool has been tested in 2019 during some training sessions and it will be further tested in 2021. The group aims at creating a catalogue of safety features in co-operation with trailer manufacturers. The next meeting will be in the second half of March.

The Steering Group of the H&S WG made by the co-chairs and leaders of the sub-groups last met in October 2020 and will meet again on 29 March 2021 to assess the ongoing activities as well as the next steps of the various sub-groups.

For more information or to join the group please contact Andreea Serbu.

Maritime & Ports

Maritime & Ports Working Group will hold its next meeting in April where members of the group will be informed on the latest activities and developments.

One of the most recent developments is ECG’s participation in the European Commission’s working group that aims to draft guidelines for handling AFVs in Maritime transport. The kickoff meeting of the working group will take place on Tuesday 2 March.

ECG Secretariat is currently working on the agenda and the exact date of the next meeting will be announced soon.

Within the framework of updating the communication method the group’s page ( ) on ECG’s website has been amended and now its members can access it by logging in. On the page all the relevant information regarding the past meetings can be found.

Additionally, the ECG Secretariat is investigating ways to make the meetings more interactive and to provide networking possibilities to the participants.

For more information or to join the WG please contact Panagiota Sdoukou.


The Quality Working Group had its first webinar of the year on 3 February. A record number of over 60 people gathered from members, OEMs and inspection companies. The two on-going sub-groups presented their results: the EV sub-group started the revision of the Operations Quality Manual’s (link to: chapter on Alternative Fuel Vehicles in January, while another dedicated group reviews the Inspection Guidelines (link to: on a weekly basis since November. Great time and effort has already been put into this revision process. We all wait for the revised document to be published!
The major outcome of the February webinar was the creation of a dedicated sub-group looking into how the digital vehicle handover processes could be standardised. This group welcomes knowledge and experience from both the quality/inspection side in the beginning and at a later stage also from the digital/IT side. The group will start its work in the beginning of March.
The next webinar of the Quality Working Group will be held on 4 May

For more information or to join the WG please contact Szilvi Kiss.


The main focus of the Sustainability Working Group (SWG) which has been active since November 2019 is emissions calculation & reporting as this is gaining ever more importance at EU level and among OEMs. The SWG is looking at all modes of transportation and its aim is to align LSPs and OEMs and agree on a common way of calculating and reporting emissions in FVL. The WG started its work by carrying out interviews with OEMs to understand what they are asking from their customers on emissions. It is also looking at what methodologies are currently used and being developed to calculate emissions in logistics and organise meetings with relevant stakeholders. The ECG Academy Advisory Group (EAAG) agreed to support the SWG and produced a survey for ECG Members to find out current emissions reporting practices. The analysis of the survey results have been circulated to the ECG Board which will evaluate next steps at the next Board meeting in March.

For more information or to join the group please contact Andreea Serbu.

Regional Meetings

UK & Ireland

Members in the UK & Ireland meet 3 times a year but all 2020 meetings were, of course, held online. The group last met on 18 February and reviewed the latest market situation and the aftermath of Brexit as well as being updated on ECG’s latest activities. A guest speaker attended from SMMT. The next meeting will take place in June when current indications are that we shall at last be able to meet in person again and DAF Trucks have offered to host the meeting.
For more information or to join the group please contact the ECG secretariat.

Eastern Region

Members based in Eastern Europe usually meet 2 times per year. The latest meeting was held online in September 2020. The next meeting will be again online on Thursday, 22 April 10:00 – 11:30 CET. The invitation and the agenda for the meeting will be circulated at the beginning of March.