Working Groups – Summary

See below the latest developments of ECG’s various Working Groups.

June 2021


ECG has started a joint project with Odette on the development of a standard for the VIN label in the supply chain, which will be based on ECG’s own recommendation on VIN labels. A small LSP group has already been convened and a survey was sent to the members of the Digitalisation Working Group to get more feedback on the information needed on the label, as well as the way the information should be displayed. The discussions will continue based on this wider LSP input and soon OEMs will also be involved. If interested in giving your input please feel free to fill in the survey, which will remain open until 7 July.

The project on standard KPIs for Finished Vehicle Logistics is continuing with calls every three weeks under Odette International’s umbrella. Several OEMs are involved in the project where, as a first step, the existing KPIs were presented. Next the reflection group will identify common elements and work on standard definition and methodology. At a later stage LSPs will also be involved in the project.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG) has different sub-groups (SG) carrying out different activities related to truck transportation in finished vehicle logistics. The Steering Group of the H&S WG made by the co-chairs and leaders of the sub-groups last met on 29 March 2021 to assess the ongoing activities as well as the next steps of the various sub-groups.

SG1 – Incident reporting

SG1 works on key accident sharing and learning. Many accidents are happening during loading and unloading operations and the sub-group developed an incident reporting website where ECG members can upload their accidents. The website is a database for incidents which will be used to issue useful reports for the whole industry. The publications up to now on incidents can be found on our website.

We invite our members to watch our instructional video & fill in their 2020 and 2021 incidents on our website.

ECG will launch the second annual report covering 2020 incidents at a webinar on Tuesday, 6 July at 10.00 (CEST). We strongly encourage members who operate car transporters to join. More information on how to do so here.

SG2 – Loading method

SG2 is working on man/method and developed the ECG Guidelines – Safe Loading Process which explain step-by-step how to load and unload safely vehicles onto trucks. The Guidelines are available in 12 LANGUAGES on our website.

The latest meeting of SG2 was on 19 May and it is working on a training guide and a syllabus to help Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) to implement the Guidelines in own operations. The next meeting will be on 30 June.

SG3 – Safe yards

SG3 is looking at making the environment safe and produced the first draft of the ECG Guidelines – Safe Yard Design which outline how a safe yard should look like. The sub-group did a feasibility study on the Guidelines which showed that the Guidelines are realistic. SG3 met on 9 March and is currently looking at how to promote the implementation of the ECG Guidelines – Safe Yard Design. The next meeting will be in July TBD.

SG4 – Safe retailers

SG4 initiated its work on delivery at retailers. It developed the first draft of the safety evaluation form which will be tested during retailer visits once travel restrictions due to COVID are lifted. It also produced a Retailer escalation process for LSPs to use when encountering safety issues for drivers at retailers. The latest meeting of the sub-group was on 26 April. The ultimate aim of the SG is to issue guidelines on how delivery at retailers should be done in a safe way and what conditions should be met by retailers.

SG5 – Safe trucks

SG5 developed a risk assessment tool for trailers to find out how safe they are. The tool has been tested in 2019 during some training sessions and it will be further tested in 2021. The group aims at creating a catalogue of safety features for trailers in co-operation with trailer manufacturers. The latest meeting was on 23 March. The next meeting will be in July TBD.

For more information or to join the group please contact Andreea Serbu.

Maritime & Ports

Maritime & Ports Working Group held its virtual meeting on 22 April. The virtual meeting took place using a platform that allowed networking during the coffee break and after the event.

The agenda included updates and presentations on the latest developments on Handling AFVs in Maritime transport, the EEXI situation and emissions reporting.

The recording and the presentation of the webinar is available here.

The ECG Secretariat circulated a short survey amongst the WG’s members in order to improve its meetings.

Following internal reorganisation at ECG, Ms Panagiota Sdoukou took on the role of Communications and Events Manager passing on the responsibility of the Maritime & Ports Working Group to Serena Scognamiglio, Communications Officer.

The next meeting of the working group will take place on 6 July on an interactive platform allowing for networking and discussions among the participants.

The aim of the working group according to its chair, Oliver Fuhljahn, is to have a physical meeting in November 2021.

For more information please contact Serena Scognamiglio.


The Quality Working Group currently has three active sub-groups:

The EV sub-group started the revision of the ECG Operations Quality Manual’s chapter on Alternative Fuel Vehicles in January. Webinars are organized every two weeks and they bring together LSPs and OEMs. The purpose of the discussions is to adjust Chapter 6 into an easily understandable document that is useful for people on the ground.

The dedicated group that reviews the Inspection Guidelines has met almost every week since November. The final draft document will soon be ready and circulated among the members of the Quality Group for comments.

At the beginning of March a new sub-group was created which will look into the standardisation of the Digital Vehicle Handover processes. This group brings together LSPs, OEMs, IT companies, claims handling companies and the providers of the digital vehicle handover solutions. Phase 1 of the project looks at these processes from a Quality perspective and will set a minimum standard for the quality of images. The target is to have the draft standard available by the end of July. Afterwards, phase 2 of the project will be launch with the aim to cover all IT, process and data-related subjects and will report to the Digitalisation Working Group.

The next webinar of the Quality Working Group will be held on 29 September. For more information or to join the Working Group please contact Szilvi Kiss.


The main focus of the Sustainability Working Group (SWG), which has been active since November 2019, is standardisation of emissions calculation & reporting for the supply chain as this is gaining ever more importance at EU level and among car manufacturers.

The SWG is looking at all modes of transportation and its aim is to align LSPs and OEMs and agree on a common way of calculating and reporting emissions in FVL.

As standardisation of CO2 emissions in FVL is one of ECG’s strategic objectives for 2021, the topic was presented at the Industry Meeting which was held on 25 March. A meeting was held with representatives of logistics providers and OEMs on 11 May.

For more information, or to join the group, please contact Andreea Serbu.

Regional Meetings

UK & Ireland

Members in the UK & Ireland normally meet 3 times a year but, of course, this has moved online for the last year. The next meeting will be on 8th July, 11.00 – 12.30 GMT when we will once again welcome guests from the SMMT and will review the latest market situation and the aftermath of Brexit as well as being updated on ECG’s latest activities.

The November meeting will be a physical meeting in central London on 10th November and after that we hope to accept an invitation from DAF Trucks to host a meeting at their HQ.

For more information or to join the group please contact the ECG Secretariat.

Eastern Region

The next meeting will be organised in September, possibly in Poland, if travel restrictions allow. For more information, or to join the group, please contact Andreea Serbu.