Working Groups – Summary

See below the latest developments of ECG’s various Working Groups.

October 2020


The Capacity Working Group (CWG) has been dormant since it concluded Project Caesar in 2019. The outcome of that was the ECG Standard for vehicle logistics forecasting a recommended methodology to establish a forecasting cycle which assists with more accurate forecasting and provides guidelines on how to improve the accuracy of the process in the long term. ECG keeps on promoting the standard and encouraging its members to use it in contracts with their customers.

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The ECG Board has approved some new topics which ECG, Odette and the VDA can continue to be working on. We are waiting for the VDA’s relevant committee to give its green light too. As soon as we have any news for this Working Group we will let you know and will ask for members’ active involvement!

For more information or to join the WG please contact Szilvi Kiss.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG) has different sub-groups carrying out different activities related to truck transportation in finished vehicle logistics.

One sub-group works on key accident sharing and learning. Many accidents are happening during loading and unloading operations and the sub-group developed an incident reporting website where ECG members can upload their accidents. The website is a database for incidents which will be used to issue useful reports for the whole industry. ECG is currently promoting the website and having 1-to-1 meetings with its members asking them to use the website. The subgroup will issue a report on accidents of 2019 in mid-October. The sub-group met during August to develop a process for sharing quickly severe accidents with ECG Members and enhance learning from each other. The process is still in development and will be finalized by October 2020. We invite our members to fill in their 2020 incidents on our website. On 28 October ECG held a very successful webinar where the first yearly report on 2019 incidents was presented. It can be accessed on our website.

The second sub-group is working on man/method and developed the ECG Guidelines Safe Loading Method which explain step-by-step how to load and unload safely vehicles onto trucks. The Guidelines will be translated in 12 languages and made available for all of our members by the end of 2020. The training sessions on the Guidelines which were interrupted due to COVID-19 are postponed to 2021.

The third sub-group is looking at making the environment safe and produced the first draft of the ECG Guidelines Safe Yard Design which outline how a safe yard should look like. The sub-group has initiated a feasibility study on the Guidelines. It aims at evaluating 25 compounds to what extent the Guidelines match the reality.

The sub-group initiated its work on delivery at retailers. It developed the first draft of the safety evaluation form which will be shared in November with the H&S WG for feedback. The ultimate aim is to issue guidelines on how delivery at retailers should be done in a safe way and what conditions should be met.

The fourth and last sub-group developed a risk assessment tool for trailers to find out how safe they are. The tool has been tested in 2019 during some training sessions and it will be further tested in 2021. The group aims at creating a catalogue of safety features

The Steering Group of the H&S WG made by the co-chairs and leaders of the sub-groups met on 9 October and approved the ongoing activities as well as the next steps of the various sub-groups.

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Maritime & Ports

Maritime & Ports Working Group (M&P WG) held another well attended and constructive virtual meeting on Monday 28 September 2020. An interesting agenda was discussed and the engagement of the participants proved fruitful. The meeting opened with a discussion on ongoing challenges that M&P WG members face at the port of Piraeus. The Chairman of the working group, Jordi Casals, took the opportunity to ask feedback from all members regarding challenges in other ports and how ECG can assist.

Developments on the subgroup Handling AFVs in Maritime transport were discussed as well and participants were brought up to date. ECG’s recent participation in a meeting with the European Commission (24 September) has proven successful and the need for guidelines on handling AFVs in Maritime transport recognized.  ECG will participate in the European Commission’s working group to develop appropriate guidelines.

On the topic of emissions reporting the upcoming meeting with the Clean Cargo’s new representative will determine the next steps.

The M&P WG next meeting will be once again a webinar in November. Although the meetings run always on a full and interesting agenda, the working group’s Chairman, Jordi Casals highlighted that guest speakers are more than welcome.

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A new sub group was created in September to discuss about Electric Vehicles and the possible standardisation of the handling and charging requirements across vehicle brands. The group has several OEMs and a trailer manufacturer as members besides ECG member companies. A first meeting was already held in mid-October and further webinars will be held each month.

The revision of the ECG Inspection Guidelines also started in October with the participation of various members, OEMs, as well as inspection companies who bring their expertise into the process. The revision just started in October and will continue with the comparison between OEM requirements on inspection procedures, damage classification and damage reporting. More webinars will follow, the next one in mid-November.

Results of these two sub-groups will be reported to the Quality Working Group at the 3 December online meeting which has already gathered a lot of interest. If you want to attend this webinar or if you have any questions please let us know.

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The main focus of the Sustainability Working Group (SWG) which has been active since November 2019 is emissions calculation & reporting as this is gaining ever more importance at EU level. The SWG is look at all modes of transportation and its aim is to align LSPs and OEMs and agree on a common way of calculating and reporting emissions in FVL. The WG started its work by carrying out interviews with OEMs to understand what they are asking from their customers on emissions. The interviews took place from April and are still ongoing. It is also looking at what methodologies are currently used and being developed to calculate emissions in logistics and organise meetings with relevant stakeholders. On 25 September the ECG Academy Advisory Group agreed to support the SWG and it is currently defining its work plan.

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Regional Meetings

Eastern Region

The latest Eastern Region meeting was held online on 17th September from 14:30 – 16:30. The meeting was attended by around 30 people and many interesting topics were discussed such as the market situation and the Mobility Package I. ECG also did the usual update on its activities of the past months. The next meeting will be in April 2021.

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UK & Ireland

Members in the UK & Ireland usually meet 3 times a year but the first meeting of the year scheduled in Dublin had to be cancelled. The group met online on 24 June and reviewed the latest market situation as well as being updated on ECG’s latest activities. Due to the current circumstances the group will not meet as planned in London on 12 November but will hold the meeting online.

For more information or to join the group please contact the ECG secretariat