Incident reporting

What is the online incident report?

The online incident report is one of the outcomes of the Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG) which works on improving H&S in the FVL sector and specifically in road transport. One of the first acknowledgements of the H&S WG was that accidents happening in the industry could potentially be avoided by sharing information. The report is focussed on significant accidents or occurrences which had a high potential to result in a significant accident. The report is specifically created for accidents happening during loading and unloading operations on trucks.

Objective of the report

The aim of the report is to gather as much information as possible about significant accidents happening in the industry and near-misses which could have resulted in significant accidents. ECG will issue a yearly report in order to promote industry-wide knowledge about the most common significant accidents and enhance prevention through useful recommendations. Every Logistics Service Provider (LSP), compound and terminal operators including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can use the report.

Privacy and confidentiality concerns

Only ECG has access to the accidents uploaded on the website. For analysis purposes, data which contain sensitive information such as company name, location, contact details of the person filling in the accidents will not be used or divulged to other parties. Anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Fill in your accidents

We encourage our members and non-members to fill in their accidents of this year. Click on the button on the right hand of this page to access the website.

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