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The plan is to restart it once the European Commission publicize their proposal to amend the W&D Directive

Loaded length of car transporters

ECG is advocating a standard minimum loaded length for car transporters in Europe of at least 20.75m as soon as possible to harmonise many of the existing national laws. The benefits of such a harmonisation will go beyond the car logistics sector and the internal market.

At EU level, Council Directive 96/53/EC amended by Directive (EU) 2015/719 establishes a maximum length of 18.75m for road trains (which includes car transporters).

The authorised loaded length on national roads is often longer than that and in a majority of Member States car transporters have a special recognition in the law and thus specific and longer allowable loaded lengths.

To put an end to inconsistent approaches by Member States and the resulting negative impact on the environment, ECG recommends amending Directive 2015/719 and establishing a standard minimum loaded length for car transporters in Europe of at least 20.75m as soon as possible.

The harmonisation of the minimum loaded length of car transporters will result in saving CO2 and other benefits which are described in ECG’s position paper below.

What is ECG doing?

At EU level, ECG is talking to the relevant actors in the European Commission and asking for the revision of the Directive 2015/719. ECG hopes that the directive will be amended as part of the actions which the European Commission is envisaging within the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy to reach the targets of the European Green Deal.

At national level, ECG Members are contacting their own appropriate national authorities to explain the industry’s position on loaded length. ECG provided its members with a draft letter which can be used to that end.

ECG Paper on loaded length of vehicle transporters

July 2020

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