Digitalisation Working Group

The Digitalisation Working Group was created in 2016 at the industry meeting that the ECG board holds in conjunction with the OEMs on a regular basis. This forum agreed to establish working groups on Digitalisation and Capacity to deal with specific issues under the guidance of two Co-Chairmen coming from the ECG Board and from an OEM. The third strategic field of interest was Quality for which a long-standing joint working group already exists.


Michael Bünning

Hervé Moulin
Renault Nissan

The Digitalisation Working Group is open to all ECG member representatives and OEMs.

Ongoing sub-groups:

  • Standardised VIN label in the supply chain: Joint project with Odette on the development of a standard for the VIN label in the finished vehicle supply chain, which will be based on ECG’s own recommendation. Will be finalised by the beginning of 2022.
  • KPIs for Finished Vehicle Logistics: joint project with Odette which aims to develop a standard set of KPIs to be used to measure performance in the area of Finished Vehicle Logistics. The purpose is to avoid the need for each organisation to create their own KPIs, avoid the need for LSPs to manage a plethora of KPIs from different customers, allow FVL operators to more easily assess their performance across their whole customer base, and to provide a basis against which all actors in the FVL area can attempt to improve their performance. Project will be finalised by April 2022.
  • Digital Vehicle Handover: One of the strategic priorities of ECG for 2021. The project started under the Quality Working Group to developed an output (image) standard. The Data/IT phase started in July 2021 under the Digitalisation Working Group’s well-attended sub-group. LSPs, OEMs, IT providers and producers of the digital vehicle handover solutions are represented. Besides this group, a small legal workgroup is also active to develop good practices, especially as far as contracts are concerned.

The following topics have recently been discussed in sub-groups:

  • FVL message development together with the VDA and Odette: This was a joint project on the elaboration of targeted messages in the supply chain. The project lasted for more than two years and a great number of companies were represented. The Process description document was published in June 2020, accompanied with annexes that detail the XML and EDIFACT message templates. These can be downloaded from Odette International’s website.
  • Close-range vehicle identification: The group was working on a recommendation for a standardised VIN label in the supply chain. The document was published in July 2020.
  • Connectivity audit of logistics sites: This was a Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, PSA Groupe and Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire initiative to elaborate audit specifications for measuring the connectivity level of logistics sites. The document containing the audit specifications and the results of the first audit was published by ECG in July 2020.
  • e-gate and slot booking applications: A short briefing document was published in April 2020. ECG is looking into developing this topic further with Odette and the VDA.
  • Autonomous Vehicles: this group was convened in 2019 and early 2020. The topic seems to be too early as Autonomus Vehicles are expected on compounds at around 2030 by the members. The group will be on hold for some time and in due time it if the conversations should be re-opened.

Sub-groups will be formed as necessary to develop specific issues.

How to join?

For more information or to join the WG please contact Szilvi Kiss.