Digitalisation Working Group

The Digitalisation Working Group was created in 2016 at the industry meeting that the ECG board holds in conjunction with the OEMs on a regular basis. This forum agreed to establish working groups on Digitalisation and Capacity to deal with specific issues under the guidance of two Co-Chairmen coming from the ECG Board and from an OEM. The third strategic field of interest was Quality for which a long-standing joint working group already exists.


Michael Bünning

Hervé Moulin
Renault Nissan

The Digitalisation Working Group is open to all ECG member representatives and OEMs.

Currently the following sub-groups are organised:

  • FVL message development together with the VDA and Odette
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Close-range vehicle identification
  • Connectivity audit of logistics sites
  • e-gate and slot booking applications

Sub-groups will be formed as necessary to develop specific issues.

How to join?

For more information or to join the WG please contact Szilvi Kiss.